How to Submit a Proposal involving Teaching

When first considering a learning and teaching related potential link (UK or overseas) developers are asked to complete an Initial Proposal Template (IPT) for review by the University.

NEW In the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS), it has been agreed to pilot an alternative approach to the approval of new learning and teaching activities. Please could proposers from HaSS complete the attached new "Learning and Teaching Activities Strategic Approval Form". The pilot will begin January to June 2017 and all "Strategic Approval Forms" should be considered for approval by the Head of Academic Unit, and if approved by the Head of Academic Unit it should then be submitted to FSG for consideration.

This form should be filled in prior to any funding applications.


The proposal form is intended to ensure that proposers have the opportunity to discuss initiatives and obtain appropriate advice with the right people in the early stages of development. Early discussion ensures that the right path is taken from the outset, that key services are fully consulted, and that proposals are routed through the appropriate channels quickly.

The IPT is an important part of the University's decision making process, therefore enough information should be provided to ensure that the University can make an informed judgement on whether to pursue a proposal and before too much preliminary and possibly abortive work has been undertaken.

To ensure that appropriate advice is available in time for developers to meet bid and other deadlines, as much time as possible should be allowed for consultation. Four working weeks notice is recommended to allow the initial approval to be sought. It is appreciated that some funding opportunities do not provide a long lead time and such proposals will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

The Learning and Teaching Projects Operational Group (LATPOG) is responsible for the management of Initial Proposal Template. The Group consists of a range of professional support staff from Research and Enterprise Services (RES), International Relations, LTDS, ISS, Library, Student Progress, Human Resources, Staff Development Unit and Finance who can offer advice and guidance on a range of topics to assist in the development of your proposal.

The Initial Proposal Template can be accessed at Initial Proposal Template. All IPTs should be submitted by a member of staff employed by Newcastle University - if you are an honorary member of staff who needs to submit an IPT please can you co-propose with a staff member from Newcastle University.

Please note that the Initial Proposal Template cannot be saved mid way through, therefore you may wish to draft initially using the template (Word: 21KB) and then cut and paste your responses when completed.