Research on TV

Research on TV

Our academics discuss the impact of global issues in a series of TV debates on Channel NewsAsia

The role of our academics as global thought leaders will come into the spotlight over the coming weeks as Newcastle University plays host to Channel NewsAsia’s flagship panel discussion programme, Perspectives.

Six episodes of the fourth season of Perspectives – described as Asia’s equivalent to the BBC’s Question Time in the UK – are being filmed at Newcastle University locations in Singapore and Malaysia.

Some of our most senior academics will join experts from academia, industry and government to debate their views on key current affairs issues in front of a studio audience.

They will tackle subjects pertinent, not just for the continent of Asia, but for the whole world and will outline solutions to challenges. 

The Newcastle University academics offering their expertise are:

  • Richard Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Engagement and Internationalisation and Professor of Geo-Energy, who will discuss the future of oil
  • Phil Taylor, Director of the Newcastle University Institute for Sustainability and Professor of Electrical Power Systems, on how to fuel a smart energy economy
  • Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Professor of Town Planning at Newcastle University, on the Future of Cities
  • Louise Robinson, Director of Newcastle University Institute for Ageing, Professor of Primary Care and Ageing, on caring for ageing Asia
  • David Leat, Director of the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching, Professor of Curriculum Innovation, on the future of learning
  • Sir Liam Donaldson, Chancellor, Newcastle University, on the challenges of the year ahead

Presented by Teymoor Nabili, the six programmes will be broadcast weekly between December 9 and January 13 by Channel NewsAsia across 26 territories including Singapore, Malaysia, China, India and Australia and will be available online.

Each debate will be available to watch here so please come back to hear all the expert analysis and debate.