All Case Studies

All Case Studies

Explore more of our research and see what impact we've had on the world.

Image of woman holding an apple and a doughnut
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Our findings could benefit millions of people across the globe

Assessing Liver Disease

Our research into non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) will save lives

Nurse and elderly patient in a wheelchair.
Making Conversations Count

Our work helps people with dementia and their loved ones to communicate

Bricks with wires and test equipment
Building a Smart Future

Our experts are devising 'Smart’ bricks to improve sustainability

Black and white photo showing men and women on horseback near the Pyramids in Egypt
Safeguarding the Past

Our experts are protecting cultural property and preserving archives

A small camera on a prosthetic limb
Engineering Future Bionics

Our engineers are developing new prosthetic limbs to empower lives


Case studies by faculty

Explore some of our previous case studies explaining how research at Newcastle University delivers real impact:


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