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thumbnail School lunches deliver health benefits - but only if they are consumed

Universal free school meals should be offered to all children in their first years of secondary school, according to one of the leading nutrition experts in the UK.

published on: 20th November 2014

£3m to put pig welfare at the top of the agenda

Digital technologies are being used to provide early warning signs of stress and disease in pigs as part of a pioneering new research project involving experts from Newcastle University.

published on: 19th November 2014

thumbnail North East leading the way in developing community-led housing

Innovative models for community-led housing development are increasingly being used across the North East to fill the gap in affordable housing and create stronger communities, research by a student at Newcastle University has shown.

published on: 18th November 2014

thumbnail Charlie Crowe Scanner officially opened

A brand new scanner, purchased thanks to ex-Newcastle United star Charlie Crowe, has been unveiled at Newcastle University’s Campus for Ageing and Vitality.

published on: 18th November 2014

thumbnail Poorest in society have eight fewer teeth

The poorest people in society have eight fewer teeth by their seventies than the richest, one of the biggest studies of its type ever undertaken has revealed.

published on: 18th November 2014

thumbnail Newcastle University to establish Transplant Research Unit

Newcastle University has, in partnership with the University of Cambridge, been awarded £3.8 million from the National Institute for Health Research to establish a Blood and Transplant Research Unit which will open in October 2015.

published on: 17th November 2014

thumbnail Putting down roots after 100 years

A state-of-the-art shore station that will provide research support and a unique teaching base for the next generation of marine scientists and engineers has been launched by Newcastle University.

published on: 5th November 2014

thumbnail SOLE Central leads the way for the future of learning

Prof Sugata Mitra explains why chaos theory can help us build a new model for primary education ahead of Newcastle University’s launch of SOLE Central this week.

published on: 5th November 2014

thumbnail Contactless cards fail to recognise foreign currency

A flaw in Visa’s contactless credit cards means they will approve unlimited cash transactions without a PIN when the amount is requested in a foreign currency.

published on: 1st November 2014

thumbnail Capturing our coast

Newcastle University has received initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a £1.7m project to help protect our coastline for future generations.

published on: 30th October 2014

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