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thumbnail Capturing memories of Berwick’s net fishing past

Net fishing for salmon on the Tweed is a tradition which dates back hundreds of years but has almost disappeared today.

published on: 6th July 2015

thumbnail Muscular dystrophy expert's disappointment at drug refusal

A researcher who has helped develop a pioneering treatment has expressed her frustration after the drug has been turned down for early NHS funding.

published on: 3rd July 2015

thumbnail Earthquake not to blame for Indonesian mud volcano

New research hopes to close the debate on whether a major mud volcano disaster in Indonesia was triggered by an earthquake or had man-made origins.

published on: 29th June 2015

thumbnail Action spectrum of sun skin damage documented

Scientists document for the first time the DNA damage which can occur to skin across the full range of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  

published on: 26th June 2015

thumbnail Backward-moving glacier helps scientists explain glacial earthquakes

New insight into glacier behaviour will improve our ability to predict future sea-level rise in a warming climate.

published on: 25th June 2015

thumbnail £1.7m National Lottery grant to protect UK’s threatened marine life

Thousands of ‘citizen scientists’ to be trained to monitor and protect marine life around the UK’s coastline

published on: 15th June 2015

thumbnail How our early ancestors turned disability into advantage

A new evolutionary theory explains how critically small populations of early humans survived, despite an increased chance of hereditary disabilities being passed to offspring.

published on: 12th June 2015

US stroke robot pioneer visits Newcastle-led trial

A leading scientist who has pioneered the stroke robot technology at the heart of a major clinical trial in the NHS by Newcastle University researchers, has visited staff and patients in the North East.

published on: 12th June 2015

thumbnail Coal from Newcastle but what did the South give us in return? Mud!

Flint, shells and sand found in the mud in the Tyne show it originated not from the North East but from the Thames, brought to Newcastle in ships’ ballast.

published on: 10th June 2015

thumbnail Cancer expert receives prestigious award for his research

A world-renowned blood cancers expert has been given a prestigious award in recognition of his outstanding contribution in helping patients with the life-threatening conditions.

published on: 8th June 2015

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