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thumbnail New Institute of Creative Arts Practice launched at Newcastle University

A new centre dedicated to the creative arts is being launched at Newcastle University.

published on: 4th June 2013

thumbnail Improving diagnosis of diseases

Newcastle University and Newcastle Hospitals have been awarded nearly £800,000 to improve the way diseases are diagnosed, benefiting patient care.

published on: 2nd June 2013

A smarter way to deliver our urban infrastructure

Understanding how our key infrastructures interconnect - from a technical, economic and social perspective - will improve the way we finance and deliver them across the UK.

published on: 30th May 2013

thumbnail Brain haemorrhage patients offered better treatment

Surgeons now have a formula to predict when brain haemorrhage patients need surgery, thanks to an international trial led by Newcastle University. 

published on: 30th May 2013

thumbnail New safety test predicts reactions to novel drugs and cosmetics

A simple lab-based skin test which eliminates the risk of adverse reactions to new drugs, cosmetics and household chemicals has been developed by a Newcastle University team.

published on: 28th May 2013

thumbnail New gene discovery for babies born with hole in the heart

A new gene associated with a form of congenital heart disease in new born babies – known as “a hole in the heart” has been discovered by researchers.

published on: 26th May 2013

thumbnail Pay attention: How we focus and concentrate

Scientists at Newcastle University have shed new light on how the brain tunes in to relevant information.

published on: 23rd May 2013

thumbnail Laughter? It’s all in the mind

Is someone laughing with you or at you? Your brain can tell the difference, researchers have discovered.

published on: 14th May 2013

thumbnail Mobile health technologies to rapidly test and track infectious diseases

Early-warning sensor systems that can test and track serious infectious diseases – such as major flu epidemics, MRSA and HIV – using mobile phones and the internet are being developed by Newcastle scientists.

published on: 9th May 2013

thumbnail Lessons to be learned - Perfecting the classroom of tomorrow, today

Newcastle University experts have carried out the first-ever study of interactive tables in the classroom as part of a major trial to understand the benefits of technology to teaching and learning.

published on: 7th May 2013

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