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thumbnail Paving the way for law change for pioneering IVF technique

The Chief Medical Officer has today outlined support for a change in the law, which would allow an IVF technique to eliminate mitochondrial disease, and pioneered at Newcastle University, to be used in patients.

published on: 28th June 2013

thumbnail Work begins to develop life-saving liver treatment

A £6 million programme to carry out the largest-ever study to develop new treatments and improve existing therapy for patients with a life—threatening liver disease has been announced by the Minister for Universities and Science.

published on: 27th June 2013

thumbnail New centre for arthritis research

A new £2.5 million research centre aims to find out more about the causes of rheumatoid arthritis.

published on: 25th June 2013

thumbnail Measuring in the extreme

A microscopic atom cloud that is colder than outer space could help improve our ability to make precision measurements for the development of next-generation rotational sensors and GPS.

published on: 25th June 2013

Global cooling as significant as global warming

A “cold snap” 116 million years ago triggered a similar marine ecosystem crisis to the ones witnessed in the past as a result of global warming, according to research published in Nature Geoscience.

published on: 16th June 2013

thumbnail Children help reveal diabetes trigger

Cases of type 1 diabetes in children mirror the spread of flu – suggesting it is triggered by an infection carried by wild animals.

published on: 14th June 2013

thumbnail Maryport Roman Temples excavation starts onsite

A team of archaeologists and volunteers led by Newcastle University's Professor Ian Haynes with site director Tony Wilmott, has started work in Maryport until 22 July.

published on: 13th June 2013

thumbnail Fit for surgery?

Age should not be a barrier to having an operation, fitness should be the key measure, is the finding of new research from Newcastle University.

published on: 11th June 2013

thumbnail Attention! Recruits needed for nationwide study

Volunteers are needed to help carry out a study looking at university military service units.

published on: 10th June 2013

thumbnail Testing the taste

A state-of-the-art sensory testing facility that will be used to improve the quality, taste and texture of food for consumers has been launched at Newcastle University.

published on: 6th June 2013

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