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thumbnail Air pollution leads mothers to have smaller babies

A worldwide study has shown that pregnant mothers exposed to air pollution emitted by vehicles and coal power plants, are significantly more likely to have smaller babies.

published on: 6th February 2013

thumbnail Could the humble sea urchin hold the key to carbon capture?

The discovery that sea urchins use Nickel particles to harness carbon dioxide from the sea could be the key to capturing tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

published on: 5th February 2013

thumbnail Insights into the world of Britain’s real-life spooks

A new series of Insights public lectures and Live lunchtime concerts begins with a look at the history of Britain's real life spooks.

published on: 4th February 2013

thumbnail Colour Vision: do you see what I see?

BBC Radio 4 dives into the world of colour, from biology to fashion with neuroscientists from Newcastle University.

published on: 31st January 2013

thumbnail Eliminating rare diseases

Newcastle University is co-ordinating an international effort to connect research data in order to develop new diagnostic tools and treatments for people with rare diseases.

published on: 24th January 2013

thumbnail Reducing the impact of a terrorist attack on trains and metros

Blast-resilient carriages that are better able to withstand a terrorist attack and ultimately save lives have been developed by a world-leading team of engineers.

published on: 22nd January 2013

thumbnail Vital children's cancer drug being underdosed

A study has found that many patients receiving a potentially life-saving drug for the childhood cancer neuroblastoma are potentially being under-dosed.

published on: 17th January 2013

thumbnail Parkinson's discovery could lead to earlier diagnosis

A new study could help earlier diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, after Newcastle University researchers identified that even early in the disease people experience symptoms.

published on: 15th January 2013

thumbnail Get a grip - why we get wrinkly fingers and toes

Wrinkly fingers caused by soaking them in water for a long time, such as in the bath or doing the washing up, have been shown to improve our grip on wet objects or objects under water.

published on: 9th January 2013

thumbnail How the kilogram has put on weight

Post-Christmas and most of us are feeling the over-indulgence.  But take heart - experts at Newcastle University have shown even the kilogram itself has put on weight.

published on: 7th January 2013

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