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thumbnail Rewriting history – how South Africa’s museums were designed to support apartheid

Research by a Newcastle University expert sheds new light on the deep seated practices the ruling elite in apartheid era South Africa used to spread their beliefs.

published on: 13th December 2013

thumbnail £50 million 'living lab' takes smart cities to the next level

Newcastle University has announced an ambitious £50 million project to combine digital ingenuity and scientific expertise with social innovation to create the smart city of the future.

published on: 11th December 2013

thumbnail Call for action on cutting sugar

A study by Newcastle University researchers into the effects of sugars on our oral health recommends cutting down on the sweet additive as part of a global initiative to reduce tooth decay.

published on: 10th December 2013

thumbnail Full emotional impact of tooth loss revealed

Academics have called for tooth loss to be taken more seriously, after new research revealed the full imact it can have on patients' lives.

published on: 5th December 2013

thumbnail Better support, treatment and research for millions of patients with rare diseases

Newcastle University will be taking a leading role in the UK’s first strategy to help build understanding of rare diseases and boost research to find effective treatments and therapies.

published on: 29th November 2013

thumbnail Extra pregnancy risk for women with diabetes

Women with diabetes who want to start a family are being urged to monitor their blood glucose levels and take a daily high dose of folic acid, as a new study reveals the extra risks to their baby's health.

published on: 28th November 2013

thumbnail Rural research for real solutions

An event to celebrate the achievements of Newcastle University’s Centre for Rural Economy over the past 21 years is being held today at Alnwick Castle.

published on: 27th November 2013

thumbnail A gene mutation for excessive alcohol drinking found

Researchers have discovered a gene that regulates alcohol consumption and when faulty can cause excessive drinking. They have also identified the mechanism underlying this phenomenon.

published on: 26th November 2013

thumbnail Royal recognition for rural research

The Vice-Chancellor of Newcastle University, Professor Chris Brink, and representatives from the University’s Centre for Rural Economy (CRE), have attended a ceremony at Buckingham Palace where CRE's reputation as a driving force for research into rural economies and societies was recognised with the award of a Queen's Anniversary Prize.

published on: 22nd November 2013

thumbnail New centre will use digital technologies to transform local government services

A pioneering research centre set up to train the next generation of digital economy researchers is being launched in the North East of England.

published on: 21st November 2013

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