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thumbnail Putting the ‘i’ in Tyneside– new play explores Irish identity

The voices of three generations of Irish men on Tyneside will be brought to life in a new play based on Newcastle University research.

published on: 30th April 2013

thumbnail Exploring art at a stroke

A unique app which allows you to peel back the layers of a masterpiece and uncover a previously hidden world has been developed by experts from Newcastle and Northumbria universities.

published on: 27th April 2013

thumbnail Big sea survey highlights importance of citizen scientists

A rare stalked jellyfish and an invasive sea-squirt are among the hundreds of species that have been identified by volunteers taking part in a major research project along the North East coast.

published on: 26th April 2013

thumbnail Watching eyes reduce bike theft

Bicycle theft can be significantly reduced simply by placing pictures of staring eyes above bike racks, researchers at Newcastle University have found.

published on: 24th April 2013

thumbnail You and ME: working together to discover causes of CFS/ME

Three new studies in Newcastle examining the biological causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME are being showcased at the launch of a new collaboration to improve understanding and treatment of the condition.

published on: 23rd April 2013

thumbnail New head for sustainability institute

Professor Phil Taylor - a leading expert in renewable energy and academic lead for the UK’s largest Smart Grid project - has been appointed as the new lead on sustainability at Newcastle University.

published on: 23rd April 2013

thumbnail A Patient’s Journey: plea to take fatigue seriously

A Northumberland patient describes in the BMJ her battle to get her symptoms taken seriously by clinicians  - until she finally received support from Newcastle medics.

published on: 17th April 2013

thumbnail Lack of alternatives drives teenagers to drink, study warns

A focus on alcohol-related entertainment in the North East normalises binge drinking among young people, a new study has found.

published on: 16th April 2013

thumbnail Trash café - taking upcycling up a level

It’s more than 50 years since the BBC’s Blue Peter first opened our eyes to the endless potential of a squeezy bottle and some double-sided sticky tape.

published on: 16th April 2013

thumbnail League of tweets

New football tweet map charts the chatter around this weekend’s Tyne and Wear derby.

published on: 13th April 2013

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