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thumbnail Discovery of new white blood cell reveals target for better vaccine design

Researchers in Newcastle and Singapore have identified a new type of white blood cell which activates a killing immune response to an external source.

published on: 28th July 2012

Chemical Engineers join UK's elite

Professors Elaine Martin and Ian Metcalfe have been elected Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

published on: 25th July 2012

thumbnail A quarter of very elderly have undiagnosed treatable heart problems

The very oldest in our society are missing out on simple heart treatments which can prolong and improve their quality of life, Newcastle heart experts say.

published on: 25th July 2012

thumbnail True cost of alcohol related ambulance call-outs revealed

New research has revealed the true cost of ambulance call-outs to deal with drink fuelled incidents.

published on: 24th July 2012

thumbnail Volunteers needed to help uncover secrets of Derwentcote

Excavation of Britain’s oldest steelworks taking place this summer

published on: 18th July 2012

thumbnail New research hub to address burning bioenergy questions

Newcastle University is to play a key role in a new research hub set up to investigate the efficiency and impact of bioenergy technologies.

published on: 17th July 2012

thumbnail Study reveals true picture of preventable deaths in hospitals

There are almost 12,000 preventable deaths in hospital every year due to problems with care but this is less than a third of the number previously thought, according to new research.

published on: 13th July 2012

thumbnail Regenerative medicine conference to highlight the ‘road to the clinic’

World-leading regenerative medicine experts are to due to share best practice on how to progress regenerative therapies into the clinic at a conference being organised by Regener8 at the Baltic, Gateshead this September.

published on: 12th July 2012

thumbnail Tooth protection from the sea

A team of dentists and scientists from Newcastle University are developing a new product from a marine microbe to protect dentures, teeth and gums from bacteria in the mouth.

published on: 6th July 2012

thumbnail New study finds genetic causes of osteoarthritis

Scientists at Newcastle University have discovered more genetic regions associated with the cause of osteoarthritis.

published on: 3rd July 2012

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