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thumbnail New centre to revolutionise medical technology

Newcastle University is to play a key role in a £5.7 million centre being set up to develop tailor-made joint replacements for patients.

published on: 26th February 2013

thumbnail Researchers to pinpoint genetic causes of osteoarthritis

Newcastle University scientists are to carry out further research into the genetic origins of osteoarthritis, following a major breakthrough last year. 

published on: 25th February 2013

thumbnail Locust-inspired vision for car sensors

Scientists from the Newcastle and Lincoln Universities have created a computerised system which allows for an autonomous navigation of mobile robots based on the locust’s unique visual system.

published on: 23rd February 2013

thumbnail Ensuring security technology doesn’t become a weapon against human rights

Europe’s growing security industry needs stricter controls to ensure its technology isn’t used as a weapon against citizens, a Newcastle University expert has warned.

published on: 22nd February 2013

thumbnail A solution to sinusitis from the sea

A team of scientists and surgeons from Newcastle are developing a new nasal spray from a marine microbe to help clear chronic sinusitis.

published on: 18th February 2013

thumbnail SatNav to ease congestion in our cities

New sat-nav technology which helps drivers adjust their speed so they can pass through a series of lights on green is to be trialled in Newcastle.

published on: 14th February 2013

thumbnail Air pollution leads mothers to have smaller babies

A worldwide study has shown that pregnant mothers exposed to air pollution emitted by vehicles and coal power plants, are significantly more likely to have smaller babies.

published on: 6th February 2013

thumbnail Could the humble sea urchin hold the key to carbon capture?

The discovery that sea urchins use Nickel particles to harness carbon dioxide from the sea could be the key to capturing tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

published on: 5th February 2013

thumbnail Insights into the world of Britain’s real-life spooks

A new series of Insights public lectures and Live lunchtime concerts begins with a look at the history of Britain's real life spooks.

published on: 4th February 2013

thumbnail Colour Vision: do you see what I see?

BBC Radio 4 dives into the world of colour, from biology to fashion with neuroscientists from Newcastle University.

published on: 31st January 2013

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