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thumbnail All at sea for Christmas

Newcastle University scientist Susan Gebbels today sets sail to the centre of the Pacific Ocean as part of a new expedition to uncover one of the earth’s deepest secrets.

published on: 17th December 2012

thumbnail British team look for life in Antarctica

Today, a British team of scientists and engineers will realise a 16 year ambition to drill down through over three kilometres of Antarctic ice into an ancient buried lake.

published on: 12th December 2012

thumbnail “Outstanding research leader" to tackle obesity

Professor Ashley Adamson has won a prestigious award that recognises “the country’s most outstanding research leaders”.

published on: 11th December 2012

thumbnail What we eat affects our jeans...and our genes

New research has shown that molecular changes to our genes, known as epigenetic marks, are driven mainly by ageing but are also affected by what we eat.

published on: 7th December 2012

thumbnail Stroke patients not receiving emergency treatment fast enough

Failure to recognise the signs of stroke is delaying calls to emergency services and limiting people's chances of getting effective early treatment, a new study has revealed.

published on: 4th December 2012

thumbnail Ideal body size identified

The ideal male and female bodies according to each of the sexes have been identified by researchers at Newcastle University using a special 3D design programme.

published on: 3rd December 2012

thumbnail Lifetime achievement award for Newcastle University Professor

A Newcastle University professor has been presented with the Lord Dearing Lifetime Achievement Award at the Times Higher Education Awards.

published on: 30th November 2012

thumbnail Clearest evidence yet of polar ice losses

An international team involving Newcastle University experts has produced the most accurate assessment of ice losses from Antarctica and Greenland to date, ending 20 years of uncertainty.

published on: 30th November 2012

thumbnail The coastal conundrum – balancing the costs of erosion Vs flooding

Ensuring continued flood protection for low lying coastal areas may mean sacrificing cliff top communities to the sea, experts reveal.

published on: 29th November 2012

Innovative energy project set to use cosmic rays for monitoring

A research consortium involving Newcastle University has won government and industry funding to develop a novel technique using cosmic rays for monitoring storage sites for carbon dioxide.

published on: 21st November 2012

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