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thumbnail Insights into the world of Britain’s real-life spooks

A new series of Insights public lectures and Live lunchtime concerts begins with a look at the history of Britain's real life spooks.

published on: 4th February 2013

thumbnail Colour Vision: do you see what I see?

BBC Radio 4 dives into the world of colour, from biology to fashion with neuroscientists from Newcastle University.

published on: 31st January 2013

thumbnail Eliminating rare diseases

Newcastle University is co-ordinating an international effort to connect research data in order to develop new diagnostic tools and treatments for people with rare diseases.

published on: 24th January 2013

thumbnail Reducing the impact of a terrorist attack on trains and metros

Blast-resilient carriages that are better able to withstand a terrorist attack and ultimately save lives have been developed by a world-leading team of engineers.

published on: 22nd January 2013

thumbnail Vital children's cancer drug being underdosed

A study has found that many patients receiving a potentially life-saving drug for the childhood cancer neuroblastoma are potentially being under-dosed.

published on: 17th January 2013

thumbnail Parkinson's discovery could lead to earlier diagnosis

A new study could help earlier diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, after Newcastle University researchers identified that even early in the disease people experience symptoms.

published on: 15th January 2013

thumbnail Get a grip - why we get wrinkly fingers and toes

Wrinkly fingers caused by soaking them in water for a long time, such as in the bath or doing the washing up, have been shown to improve our grip on wet objects or objects under water.

published on: 9th January 2013

thumbnail How the kilogram has put on weight

Post-Christmas and most of us are feeling the over-indulgence.  But take heart - experts at Newcastle University have shown even the kilogram itself has put on weight.

published on: 7th January 2013

thumbnail Major new clinical trial to improve treatment for leukaemia patients

Newcastle Hospitals and University are launching a large clinical trial of cancer drugs to ensure patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) get the best treatment.

published on: 6th January 2013

thumbnail Hairy Dieters success!

Newcastle University experts help the Bikers lose weight and get healthier.
Follow the series on BBC 2.

published on: 3rd January 2013

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