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thumbnail New Lagoon

Former mine lagoons in the Lake District are being used for a pioneering clean-up operation being led by Newcastle University.

published on: 3rd October 2013

thumbnail New centre to speed up development of arthritis drugs

Researchers will be testing drugs for other conditions to see if they can be used to help people with arthritis.

published on: 3rd October 2013

thumbnail Breast Cancer research highlights gaps

Research involving a Newcastle University academic has identified the ten critical gaps that exist in breast cancer research.

published on: 1st October 2013

thumbnail Cutting edge research

Newcastle University researchers are bringing the past to life with an experiment to find out how people fought in the Bronze Age.

published on: 13th September 2013

thumbnail Fuelling the future

Experts have been explaining how they have harnessed the energy locked up in sewage to power our waste water treatment at the British Science Festival.

published on: 12th September 2013

thumbnail Experts call for football alcohol advertising restrictions

Newcastle University academics have called for the Government to consider restricting alcohol marketing during televised football matches after studying a selection of games and finding they were 'bombarded' by references to drink.

published on: 11th September 2013

thumbnail Pedalling towards better diabetes management

In a world first, Newcastle scientists are studying the physiological performance of cyclists 1,000 miles away as they tackle a gruelling ride and diabetes at the same time.

published on: 10th September 2013

thumbnail Leading the way in motor technology

Newcastle University has been named a key player in a £16 million programme to investigate the benefits of high-speed motors for hybrid and electric vehicles.

published on: 9th September 2013

thumbnail Serenading the Squirrel

The winner of Newcastle University’s Red Squirrel film project has discovered our native Reds have an unlikely passion for the harmonica.

published on: 9th September 2013

thumbnail Ambitious science mission sets off for Antarctica

A team of British scientists is making final preparations for an ambitious Antarctic science mission.

published on: 9th September 2013

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