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thumbnail League of tweets

New football tweet map charts the chatter around this weekend’s Tyne and Wear derby.

published on: 13th April 2013

thumbnail Secrets of bacterial slime revealed

Newcastle University scientists have revealed the mechanism that causes a slime to form, making bacteria hard to shift and resistant to antibiotics.

published on: 12th April 2013

thumbnail Inspiring Newcastle professor remembered

A Newcastle University professor who was renowned for his passion for Greek and Etruscan art and archaeology will be remembered with a series of events.

published on: 11th April 2013

Tributes to IVF pioneer Sir Bob Edwards

Tributes have been paid to IVF pioneer, Sir Robert Edwards, who has died. Building on his work, scientists at Newcastle University have developed an IVF technique to prevent mitochondria disease.

published on: 11th April 2013

thumbnail Vitamin D proven to boost energy – from within the cells

Vitamin D is vital for making our muscles work efficiently and boosting energy levels, new research from Newcastle University has shown.

published on: 6th April 2013

thumbnail £7m extreme engineering centre announced

Newcastle University is to lead a national centre for subsea and offshore engineering as part of a major drive to develop new materials and technologies to explore the world’s oceans.

published on: 28th March 2013

thumbnail Entrepreneurial Philanthropy: Investigating ‘Big Giving’

Why do prominent business people, like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, seek to extend their reach in society beyond business and help to change the world?  

published on: 27th March 2013

thumbnail Pesticides makes bees forget which flowers are most rewarding

As MPs call for commonly-used pesticides to be banned, Newcastle research has revealed that they are damaging honey bee brains and their ability to learn.

published on: 27th March 2013

thumbnail Erasing electronic footprints

A ‘cleaner app’ which allows those at risk from domestic violence to seek help online without leaving an electronic trail behind them has been developed by Newcastle University.

published on: 26th March 2013

thumbnail Pioneering IVF technique supported by public

An independent regulatory body has found there is broad support for a Newcastle-led pioneering mitochondrial transfer technique to allow families to have healthy children.

published on: 20th March 2013

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