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thumbnail New research equipment will track cancer spread

New technology which will provide an insight into how cancers spread around the body and how effectively treatments are working has been unveiled by Newcastle University.

published on: 4th September 2013

thumbnail Whales get a tan too

Whales have been shown to increase the pigment in their skin in response to sunshine, just as we get a tan.

published on: 30th August 2013

Winning The Ocean Race

How the North East is leading the way in the global race to harness the power of the sea.

published on: 14th August 2013

thumbnail Rare leukaemia survival rate breakthrough

A pioneering genetic study means that children with a rare subtype of leukaemia have 75% less chance of their leukaemia recurring.

published on: 13th August 2013

thumbnail Planning by postcode

A new map reveals how prepared UK cities are for climate change.

published on: 13th August 2013

thumbnail Calls for safer drinking levels for over 65s

Newcastle University academics have called for changes to be made to the recommended safe levels of drinking for over 65s and also special alcohol advice to be made available for older people.

published on: 8th August 2013

thumbnail The breast place to feed

A ‘TripAdvisor’-style app which helps new mothers to locate breastfeeding-friendly places while they are out-and-about has been launched by Newcastle University.

published on: 31st July 2013

Testing a cancer drug for arthritis

Scientists at Newcastle University have been awarded £1m for a clinical trial to see whether a drug developed to treat cancer can be ‘repurposed’ to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

published on: 31st July 2013

thumbnail Developing treatment for rare auto-immune disease

A Newcastle University researcher is aiming to develop an 'urgently-needed' treatment package for people with a severe but little-known auto-immune condition that makes it difficult for sufferers to cry and swallow.

published on: 31st July 2013

thumbnail DIY directing makes budding film-makers of us all

A new ‘how to’ guide lifts the lid on filmmaking, offering tips and tricks for creating a blockbuster on a budget.

published on: 18th July 2013

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