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thumbnail Nasty noises: Why do we recoil at unpleasant sounds?

Heightened activity between the emotional and auditory parts of the brain explains why the sound of chalk on a blackboard or a knife on a bottle is so unpleasant.

published on: 10th October 2012

thumbnail Power in the palm of your hands

Forget the TV remote and the games controller, now you can control anything from your mobile phone to the television with just a wave of your hand.

published on: 8th October 2012

thumbnail Investigating cancer-fighting properties of cannabis-related chemical

Chemicals similar to those found in cannabis form the basis of a new drug that is being trialled in UK cancer patients for the first time.

published on: 28th September 2012

thumbnail Uncovering the biofuel potential of plants that breathe in the dark

Newcastle University is part of an £8.8m project to explore the biofuel potential of plants found growing in some of the world’s harshest environments.

published on: 26th September 2012

thumbnail Danger of two-speed rural economy, warns Newcastle expert

Developing rural economies could provide a big boost to the UK economy but the process needs to be carefully managed to avoid a ‘two-speed’ rural society, warns a Newcastle University rural affairs expert.

published on: 26th September 2012

thumbnail Improving care for teenagers with long-term health problems

A major new national study examining whether teenagers with long-term health problems are receiving the best healthcare from the NHS has been launched.

published on: 26th September 2012

Public consultation launched into pioneering technique

People’s views are being sought on a technique developed at Newcastle University to prevent mitochondrial disease, a rare but devastating medical condition.

published on: 17th September 2012

thumbnail Low cost design makes ultrasound imaging affordable to the world

An ultra-low cost scanner that can be plugged into any computer to show images of an unborn baby has been developed by Newcastle University engineers.

published on: 14th September 2012

thumbnail Study unveils ‘hidden’ alcohol abuse among older people

A study has uncovered a growing drink problem among older people and researchers are now urging the Government to review its UK health strategy to support society’s “invisible addicts”.

published on: 13th September 2012

thumbnail Older people in rural areas facing social isolation

Services for older people in rural areas need to be ‘rural-proofed’ to help prevent more older people becoming isolated, a new report finds.

published on: 13th September 2012

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