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thumbnail Scientists plumb the secret depths of Antarctica

A large scale project to map Antarctica has discovered the continent contains more ice than previously understood.

published on: 8th March 2013

thumbnail Bees get a buzz from caffeine

You may need a cup of coffee to kick start the day but it seems honeybees also get their buzz from drinking flower nectar containing caffeine.

published on: 7th March 2013

thumbnail How did early primordial cells evolve?

Research into bacteria without a cell wall is helping us understand how the earliest forms of life may have replicated nearly four billion years ago.

published on: 28th February 2013

thumbnail Newcastle University professor wins $1m TED prize

Professor Sugata Mitra, whose research inspired the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, has been named the 2013 TED Prize winner.

published on: 26th February 2013

thumbnail New centre to revolutionise medical technology

Newcastle University is to play a key role in a £5.7 million centre being set up to develop tailor-made joint replacements for patients.

published on: 26th February 2013

thumbnail Researchers to pinpoint genetic causes of osteoarthritis

Newcastle University scientists are to carry out further research into the genetic origins of osteoarthritis, following a major breakthrough last year. 

published on: 25th February 2013

thumbnail Locust-inspired vision for car sensors

Scientists from the Newcastle and Lincoln Universities have created a computerised system which allows for an autonomous navigation of mobile robots based on the locust’s unique visual system.

published on: 23rd February 2013

thumbnail Ensuring security technology doesn’t become a weapon against human rights

Europe’s growing security industry needs stricter controls to ensure its technology isn’t used as a weapon against citizens, a Newcastle University expert has warned.

published on: 22nd February 2013

thumbnail A solution to sinusitis from the sea

A team of scientists and surgeons from Newcastle are developing a new nasal spray from a marine microbe to help clear chronic sinusitis.

published on: 18th February 2013

thumbnail SatNav to ease congestion in our cities

New sat-nav technology which helps drivers adjust their speed so they can pass through a series of lights on green is to be trialled in Newcastle.

published on: 14th February 2013

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