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US stroke robot pioneer visits Newcastle-led trial

A leading scientist who has pioneered the stroke robot technology at the heart of a major clinical trial in the NHS by Newcastle University researchers, has visited staff and patients in the North East.

published on: 12th June 2015

thumbnail Coal from Newcastle but what did the South give us in return? Mud!

Flint, shells and sand found in the mud in the Tyne show it originated not from the North East but from the Thames, brought to Newcastle in ships’ ballast.

published on: 10th June 2015

thumbnail Cancer expert receives prestigious award for his research

A world-renowned blood cancers expert has been given a prestigious award in recognition of his outstanding contribution in helping patients with the life-threatening conditions.

published on: 8th June 2015

thumbnail Novel biotyping tool reveals hidden diversity within the UK's Algae Bank

Thousands of samples at the UK’s ‘algae bank’ will need to be re-labelled as a ground-breaking new screening tool has revealed greater diversity  than was previously  known within the collection.

published on: 7th June 2015

thumbnail Siemens announces Newcastle University as its Global Principal Partner

Newcastle University has been given Principal Partner Status by technology giant Siemens in recognition of the ongoing collaboration between the two organisations.

published on: 5th June 2015

thumbnail The rising tide of marine engineering

Newcastle University has announced a £1.5m investment to further expand its world-leading School of Marine Science and Technology.

published on: 3rd June 2015

thumbnail Newcastle Professor named Chief Scientific Advisor on transport

Newcastle University’s Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems, Phil Blythe, has today been named as the Government’s new Chief Scientific Advisor for the Department for Transport.

published on: 1st June 2015

thumbnail Study explores development of epilepsy after brain injury

Scientists at Newcastle University will carry out a pioneering study to look at the development of epilepsy following a serious brain injury.

published on: 27th May 2015

thumbnail The art of letters: Academics ask pen pals to re-imagine research through creative arts

Researchers at Newcastle University have enlisted the help of members of the public who would like to get involved with their research – by becoming their pen pal. 

published on: 27th May 2015

thumbnail Newcastle University Medical School ranked Top 50 in the world

A highly respected international ranking of research performance has confirmed Newcastle University as one of the leading universities for medicine in the world.

published on: 26th May 2015

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