International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies


Our mission is to be a world leader in museum, gallery and heritage studies by:

  • providing the best learning opportunities for personal and career development;
  • carrying out cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research;
  • engaging with the international professional community and making a positive difference to policy and practice.


Our core purpose is to advance understanding of museums, galleries and cultural and natural heritage organisations. By developing awareness of their histories, representations and management, as well as their roles within society and their places within people’s lives, we seek to foster improved professional practice within the sector on regional, national and international levels.


Our core values are:


We strive to introduce new approaches into our work with a view to improving practice and developing new insights. This is achieved through research-informed teaching and engagement, also allowing us to foster innovation within the sector.


Our field is inherently interdisciplinary. Alongside the academic disciplines which underpin much work in the museum, gallery and heritage sector (history, art history, archaeology, natural sciences etc.) our research and teaching draw on ideas and practices from fields such as sociology, philosophy, anthropology, geography, psychology and cultural and media studies.


We are committed to our mission. We are committed to teach our students appropriately, developing both practical and theoretical knowledges and skills and, above all, fostering analytical and critical abilities. We are committed to the development of the museum, gallery and heritage sector.

Social responsibility

We believe strongly that museums, galleries and heritage organisations have a responsibility to society – to address, engage with and empower communities and to act ethically, whether in collecting, conservation or display. This belief underpins all that we do, and ICCHS too has a responsibility to encourage reflective, ethical and inclusive practice, informed by tolerance and an awareness of diversity in society.