Research Programmes in Museum, Gallery & Heritage Studies

ICCHS research students in the ICOMOS conference in Quebec, 2008Doing an MPhil or a PhD is an excellent way of developing your research interests, skills and knowledge. If you have a strongly-defined idea of what you want to study, and you want to be given the freedom to pursue that idea in your studies, then a research degree is something you should consider.

Studying for a research degree with the International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies offers you the opportunity to be part of a leading, interdisciplinary and international community of scholars who specialise in research into museums, galleries, and heritage.

We welcome research applications across a wide range of topics. For example, previously research students have investigated: performance indicators in museums; the significance of museums and heritage to the promotion of cultural identity; community museology in Scotland; art and the visually impaired; intellectual and physical access to museums and gallery resources; restitution of cultural property in Korea; and science and technology museums in Greece.

Current student research topics include: attitudes towards human remains; constructions and uses of Welsh identity in American museums; the social roles and regulation of art museum education in China and Taiwan; and the management and interpretation of archaeological sites in Turkey.

The Centre is particularly keen to welcome researchers who are interested in its key research themes:

  • Cultural Politics and Policy
  • Identity, Community and Place
  • Representation and Media

Research s tudents in ICCHS follow a structured course of personal study with support from two different supervisors, yearly viva voce reviews and informal 'work in progress' seminars. There is a thriving postgraduate research community with a broad spectrum of interests, including both the historical and the contemporary and ranging from the illicit trade into antiquities to the ethics of displaying human remains and the aesthetics of gallery space.

See staff profiles for details of research areas.

As part of the ICCHS research community you will have the opportunity to be involved in reading groups, research seminars, student-led workshops, conferences, and postgraduate teaching.

PhD and MPhil research programmes are available for full-time and part-time study.

Are you interested in applying?

Information about entrance requirements, tuition fees and funding opportunities for these programmes is available on our How to Apply section.