Media And Cultural Studies

Dr James Ash

David Baines
Senior Lecturer

Mark Blacklock
Teaching Assistant

Professor Deborah Chambers
Professor of Media and Cultural Studies

Chris Falzon
Teaching Fellow

Dr Chris Haywood
Senior Lecturer

Laurel Hetherington
Teaching Fellow in PR

Vicky Horrigan
Postgraduate Programme Secretary (Media & Cultural Studies)

Dr Darren Kelsey
Lecturer in Journalism and Discourse Studies

Dr Majid Khosravinik
Lecturer in Media and Discourse Studies

Denise Laidlaw

Gareth Longstaff
Teaching Fellow in Media and Cultural Studies

Geoffrey Lowe
Visiting Fellow

Dr Ian McDonald
Senior Lecturer

Dr Carolyn Pedwell
Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

Dr Liviu Popoviciu
Head of MACS and Degree Programme Director MA Programmes in Media

Fiona Smith
Associate Lecturer in Journalism

Dr Stephen Walls
Associate Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

Dr Catherine Walsh
Lecturer in Corporate Communication and Public Relations

Louise Wilson
Associate Lecturer in Public Relations