Staff in Media, Culture, Heritage

Media, Culture, Heritage

Marianne Archbold
ICCHS PG Programme Secretary (part-time)

Dr James Ash
Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

David Baines
Senior Lecturer

Kathy Barker
School Postgraduate Secretary

Mark Blacklock
Associate lecturer

Professor Nick Broomfield
Visiting Professor of Practice

David Brough
Guest Member of Staff

Professor Deborah Chambers
Professor of Media and Cultural Studies

Professor Richard Clay
Professor of Digital Humanities

Emma Coffield
Teaching Fellow

Gerard Corsane
Senior Lecturer in Heritage, Museum & Gallery Studies

Catherine Dauncey
Publications Officer

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 3995

Dr Bruce Davenport
Research Associate

Emeritus Professor Peter Davis
Emeritus Professor

James Davoll
Technical Manager

Dr Murray Dick
Lecturer In Multimedia Journalism

Dr Susannah Eckersley
Lecturer in Museum, Gallery and Heritage Studies

Dr Clifton Evers
Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

Chris Falzon
Teaching Fellow

Dr Areti Galani

Professor Peter Golding
Visiting Professor

Anna Goulding

Dr Joss Hands
Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

Vesela Harizanova
Postgraduate Teacher

Dr Chris Haywood
Senior Lecturer

Laurel Hetherington

Vicky Horrigan
Postgraduate Programme Secretary (Media, Culture, Heritage)

Dr Geetha Jayaraman
Lecturer in Film Practice

Sally Keith
Associate Lecturer in Public Relations

Dr Darren Kelsey
Deputy Head of Media, Culture, Heritage

Dr Majid Khosravinik
Lecturer in Media & Discourse Studies, MA Degree Programmes Director

Denise Laidlaw

Dr Gareth Longstaff
Teaching Fellow in Media and Cultural Studies / Degree Programme Director - BA Media, Communication and Cultural Studies

Professor Rhiannon Mason
Prof of Heritage & Cultural Studies

Dr Aron Mazel
Reader in Heritage Studies

Dr Ian McDonald
Director, Film@CultureLab

Katy McDonald
Lecturer in Journalism

Andrew Newman
Senior Lecturer

Dr Liviu Popoviciu

Simon Rushton
Teaching Fellow in Film Practice

Fiona Smith
Associate Lecturer in Journalism

Professor Peter Stone OBE
UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace

Professor Stephen Waddington
Visiting Professor of Practice

Dr Stephen Walls
Associate Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

Dr Catherine Walsh

Jonathan Ward
Associate lecturer in Public Relations

Iain Wheeldon
Senior Teaching Fellow

Professor Christopher Whitehead
Professor of Museology and Head of Media, Culture, Heritage

Louise Wilson
Associate Lecturer in Public Relations

Dr Nick Winder
Principal Research Associate

Ian Wylie
Associate lecturer in Journalism