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Our Teaching

Our Teaching

ICMuS staff are both experienced researchers and experienced teachers.

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Our Teaching

ICMuS is staffed by experienced and committed academics who are both experienced researchers and experienced teachers. Our staff in ICMuS are regularly nominated for teaching awards, and in recent National Student Surveys, the quality of our teaching is consistently ranked among the top 10 Music departments in the country.

Our teaching ranges from one-to-one tuition for instrument or voice, tutorials with academic staff, seminars (between 5 and 10 students per group), workshops, study groups and formal lectures.

As well as ‘live’ sessions such as those mentioned above, ICMuS also makes extensive use of RECAP live lecture capture software, online resources such as the university’s virtual learning environment, Moocs and other online resources.

CETL: the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Centre for excellence in Teaching and Learning, was led by ICMuS and was designed to develop new approaches to curriculum development, with a particular emphasis on inclusivity.

The CETL ended in March 2010, but our students continue to be part of a wider community of music students in the North East of England.

The CETL brought together universities in the North East and The Sage Gateshead.

This covered folk, classical, popular, contemporary and world musics. It also included music technology, music education and sound and music therapy.

Students in Music Lecture

What's happening now

Funding is in place to support the Sound Festival and Breaking into Music events at The Sage Gateshead. The student-led Summer Music Festival has become an established annual event at Newcastle University.

The World Music project is thriving. Students will continue to able to study Indian Vocals and Tabla with professional Indian musicians. We recently bought a Gamelan for shared use across the community will offer further opportunities.

Student projects and creative business ideas will continue to benefit from dedicated enterprise support. This is informed by ongoing research into music students and entrepreneurship.