Performance Tutors at ICMuS

Below is a list of our current performance tutors. If you take a performance module for credit as part of any music degree in your first instrument or voice, you will have your lessons paid for by ICMuS. For students taking the BMus (Hons) in Folk and Traditional Music, we also pay for lessons in your second instrument or voice.

At ICMuS, we have tutors in the following broad areas of study:


Folk and Traditional Music

Head of Studies: Catriona MacDonald

  • Voice: Sandra Kerr, Chris Hendry, Chris Coe, Emily Portman, Janet Russell, Frankie Armstrong, Alison McMorland, Maggi Boyle, Karine Polwart, James Fagan, Tim Van Eycken, Paul Sartin, Nancy Kerr
  • Accordion, Melodeon, Concertina: Alistair Anderson, Julian Sutton, Martin Green, Karen Tweed.
  • Percussion, Bodhrán etc.: Will Lang
  • Fiddle, Cello: Catriona MacDonald, Stuart Hardy, Wendy Weatherby, Peter Tickell, John Dipper, Claire Mann, Nancy Kerr,
  • Flute, Whistle : Desi Wilkinson
  • Pipes, Whistle: Kathryn Tickell, Simon McKerrell, Iain MacInnes, Joey Oliver, Paul Martin
  • Guitar, Banjo: Chris Newman, Mick Wright, Martin Carthy, Duck Baker, Ian Stephenson, John Renbourn
  • Keyboard, Harp, Clarsach: Andy May, Phil Alexander, Harris Playfair
  • Dance : Laura Thirkell

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Head of Classical Vocal Studies: Faye Newton

  • Faye Newton
  • Sally Burchell
  • Miranda Wright
  • Poppy Holden

Head of Vernacular Vocal Studies: Cath Stephens

  • Cath Stephens
  • Pippa Anderson
  • Ruth Lambert
  • Maggi Ballantyne

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Head of Studies: David Murray

Pianist in Residence: Martin Roscoe

  • Piano:
    • Classical: David Murray, Venera Bojkova Brown, Eileen Bown
    • Jazz: Stuart Collingwood, Gerry Richardson

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Head of Studies: Tristan Gurney

  • Violin: Tristan Gurney, Iona Brown, Sasha Raikhlina
  • Viola: Christine Slater, Mike Gerrard
  • Violoncello: Gabriel Waite, Louisa Tuck
  • Double Bass: Sian Hicks, Tony Abbell
  • Harp: Maíre Ní Chathasaigh, Rachel Newton

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Head of Studies: Jennifer Murray

  • Flute: Juliette Bausor, Sarah Shelton, Brian Stewart, Rachel Jeffers
  • Oboe: Philip Cull, Michael O'Donnell
  • Clarinet: Jennifer Murray, Katrina Buzzard
  • Bassoon: Stephen Reay, Robin Kennard
  • Saxophone: Keith Robinson, Graeme Wilson, Andy Scott, Andrew Smith
  • Recorder: Laura Hird

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  • Trumpet and Cornet: George Parnaby, Tom Rushton, Graham Hardy
  • Horn: Christopher Griffiths, Ben Woolley
  • Trombone: Adrian France
  • Tuba: Jen McCausland, Joe Cook

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  • Orchestral Percussion: Alan Fearon, Ed Cervenka

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Electric Guitar, Drums, DJ and Electronica

Head of Studies: Mick Wright

  • Guitar: Mick Wright, Bill Brennan, Athol Cassidy
  • Classical Guitar: Brian Arthur
  • Bass Guitar: Neil Harland
  • Drums: Robert Walker, Geoffrey Hutchinson
  • Turntables: Paul Bell, Raj Pannu
  • Live Electronics: Jamie Thomspon, Rob Blazey
  • Songwriting: Pete Scott

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Indian Music

Head of Studies: David Clarke

  • Voice: Vijay Rajput
  • Tabla: Shahbaz Hussain

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We also have tutors in a range of other instruments and styles. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, this does not mean that we do not teach it.

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