Marianne Archbold
ICCHS PG Programme Secretary (part-time)

Kathy Barker
School Postgraduate Secretary

Sue Barnes
School Manager

Elizabeth Bradley
Clerical Assistant - Culture Lab

Angela Brown
Receptionist/Facilities Co-ordinator

Olivia Cameron
Performance Administrator

Catherine Dauncey
Publications Officer

Joanna Goatman
Secretary (Folk Degree)

Sarah Greenhalgh
School Administrator - Research and Engagement

Jane Hagger
School Learning and Teaching Officer

Vicky Horrigan
Postgraduate Programme Secretary (Media & Cultural Studies)

Denise Laidlaw

Gabriella Michelini
Programme Secretary

Graham Parker
Receptionist/Clerical Officer

Nigel Villalard
Clerical Assistant

Alison Walker
PA School of Arts and Culture

Thereza Webster
Project Officer