Dr Martyn Hudson
Research Associate

Martyn Hudson is Research Associate in the Northumbrian Exchanges programme supported by the AHRC and is also Research Associate and Coordinator of the Co-Curate North East project looking at digital archives of rural and urban communities and the co-curation of artefacts. As part of Northumbrian Exchanges he is developing new thinking and research about Knowledge Exchange and traditional and experimental music of Northumbria and related areas of visual arts and rural economies. His work is multidisciplinary but is concerned largely with the sociology and philosophy of knowledge and artefacts and how we think about them and curate them. He has a particular interest in John Berger and Jean Mohr and his critical appreciation of Mohr is forthcoming from Race and Class. He is also involved with the Berger archive work.

He has a PHD from Brunel University on Islam, science and philosophy and has written widely on arts and literature, radical community development (particularly refugee women and young people), race and class studies, and musical traditions including the work of Michael Tippett. He has managed arts, music and theatre integration projects in refugee communities and continues to develop this work through the Tribeca project. He was previously a senior lecturer in Sociology at Kingston University.

His research interests include soundscape, music and community development, rural research and the arts of peasant communities, and the intersection between arts and politics more generally - specifically as part of digital public spaces. He is currently developing a sound art piece using fiction, images, and traditional music. His fiction, poetry, reviews and journal articles can be found in publications such as Rethinking History, Race and Class, Lime Lizard, Revolution, Solidarity, Weekly Worker, Communist Notes, Kenaz and Black Light Engine Room amongst others. Previous projects that he has designed and directed include www.aspenculture.org.uk and www.allpointsnorth.org.uk.

He was a recipient of the Isiseko Senkonjane/Swallows Foundation Cultural Management Programme to South Africa (Johannesburg and the Eastern Cape) in June 2012 and the BME network, Caritas Austria and Slovene Philanthropy work program and conference in Graz, Steiermark, Austria, March 2012. He was a member of the 'Rethinking Multiculturalism' seminar - a partnership between the Universities of Malmo and Sunderland - in 2010. He is a contributor to the Encyclopaedia of Music in the Social and Behavioural Sciences forthcoming from Sage. His reflections on and writing of historical fiction can be found at http://eugenemaban.wordpress.com/. He is also an Associate of the Digital Curation Centre network, based at Edinburgh University. He is a regular contributor to Solidarity magazine.

He is currently preparing a special edition of Landscape Research Journal on Arts, Knowledge and Northern Landscapes.

His book on slavery, archives and theories of culture in modernity 'The Slave Ship, Memory and the Origin of Modernity' is forthcoming from Ashgate in 2015 as part of the Memory Studies: Global Constellations series.

Further interests; Vinyl, ultra and fell running, orienteering, mountains, travel, activism, books.