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Short Courses (CPD)

About the Course

Groundwater Assessment

Providing the background, understanding, and techniques to assess groundwater resources using a wide variety of information.

The course:

  • explains the principles of groundwater systems analysis
  • provides a robust, practical introduction to the main analysis techniques used to assess the quantity of groundwater resources
  • introduces methods of presenting and interpreting natural groundwater quality data in the context of groundwater resource assessment

We'll start with the basic principles, from the point of geological mapping, re-interpreted using hydrostratigraphic classification to define hydrogeological units. We'll explain the approaches used to develop these into evaluations of groundwater resource potential, including field and desk reconnaissance and analysis of surface geophysics.

You'll develop an understanding of recharge rates through applying various techniques. We'll introduce you to methods of determining physical aquifer properties using borehole information. A brief introduction to approaches to presenting natural groundwater chemistry provides the basis for its use within an integrated approach to resource evaluation.

An introduction to thermogeology (ground source heat and deep geothermal energy) provides you with a grounding in theory and some practical applications of this rapidly developing subject area.

This course is also delivered on at least one of the Faculty's Masters programmes in the School of Engineering, and you will attend alongside full and part time registered students.

Course Dates

  • Monday 5 - Friday 9 February 2018
Accredited by:
Accredited by Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management Groundwater Assessment accredited by Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

Objectives and Outline

Groundwater Assessment

Course Objectives

By the time you've finished the course, you'll understand:

  • recharge and discharge from groundwater systems, including interactions with surface water
  • the basis for methods of reconnaissance
  • the key aspects of groundwater drilling and borehole assessment
  • the key principles governing natural groundwater chemistry

You'll be able to:

  • apply appropriate methods to groundwater resource evaluation
  • re-interpret geological information including surface geophysics
  • interpret hydrogeological maps
  • interpret data on groundwater chemistry in the context of resource evaluation
  • combine these skills for groundwater resource assessment

You'll know how to:

  • analyse data from a range of sources
  • systematically interpret the data
  • use scientific principles in developing engineering and environmental solutions to practical problems in water environment and water infrastructure operation

Course Outline

  • Introduction to groundwater systems and groundwater resource evaluation
  • Hydrostratigraphy
  • Hydrogeological mapping
  • Aquifer boundaries and groundwater-surface water interactions
  • Desk studies and preliminary reconnaissance
  • Surface geophysics
  • Introduction to drilling and determination of aquifer properties by test-pumping
  • Groundwater recharge assessment
  • Natural inorganic hydrogeochemistry, presentation and interpretation of data
  • Groundwater sampling and monitoring strategies
  • Key principles of groundsource heat and geothermal energy
Accredited by:
Accredited by Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management Groundwater Assessment accredited by Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

Course Dates

  • Monday 5 - Friday 9 February 2018

Further Information

Groundwater Assessment

Academic Module Outline

This course is also delivered as a Module (code CEG8511) on at least one of the Faculty's Masters programmes, the majority of which can be studied part time, making them suitable for those in employment. You will attend with full and part time registered students. The Academic Module Outline is available via the University's Module Catalogue.

Update to Course Content

Please note that our courses are reviewed regularly, both in response to feedback and so that information about recent research and developments can be included. Thus, content may be subject to change.


Groundwater Assessment


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Groundwater Assessment


  • Groundwater Assessment
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We offer a 30 percent discount to full time students and to Newcastle University staff.

The course fee includes tuition, course materials, lunch and refreshments.

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Formal assessment may be available for this Course. Assessment attracts an additional fee of £365, and delegates will be issued with a transcript and Certificate of Credit Achieved.