Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering

Staff Profile

Dr Alison Vipond

Research Funding Development Team


Research Funding Development Team for Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering

Point of contact for School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and School of Maths, Statistics and Physics, although the whole team works flexibly to respond to research development opportunities across the Faculty, including joining up across the Schools and Faculties.


  • Support all stages of the pre-award research development journey
  • Assist in development and implementation of school, faculty and university research strategy
  • Support internationalisation of research activities, with a focus on applying research to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and applying research to the developing country context
  • Strategic support for large/complex/interdisciplinary research bids
  • Strategic support to Institute for Sustainability: strategy, research coordination and engagement

Main activities within Research Development Team:

  • Building individual and institutional capacity to develop relevant collaborations and partnerships to secure funding, as well as skills in preparing successful proposals
  • Support for proposal development, including lay review (editorial and critical input to content), fit to call, identifying collaborators/users, shaping and supporting large, complex and strategic proposals
  • Funding guidance, co-ordinating the gathering and dissemination of funding opportunities to academics. Advice on developing researchers' personal funding strategy. Gathering and disseminating advice on funder strategies and priorities, including how these align with Faculty research strengths and planning ahead to be positioned for funding calls.
  • Working closely with Business Development Managers and Research & Impact Facilitators, identifying and enchancing opportunities for business development, knowledge exchange and impact.
  • Supporting Directors of Expertise to identify and develop strategic opportunities for research 

Other relevant experience:

  • PhD and post-doctoral research in Atmospheric Chemistry,
  • Policy Adviser and Programme Manager at Defra - Government, EU and UN policy advice, strategic research programme development and management, £3.5m per annum
  • Delegate to EC and UN Committees and Task Forces - research evidence to underpin international development
  • Deputy Chair of Board of Directors of Ethical Building Society - governance, sustainable finance, regulation, risk management, PR, marketing, mutual ownership, housing, social accounts, impact
  • Chair of Trustees of Charitable Foundation - charitable grant making, community engagement
  • Green building and domestic renewables - personal interest and first hand experience

Relevant personal interests:

  • Climate change science, policy, implementation, real life adaptation
  • Energy efficiency, and decarbonising our energy supply
  • Permaculture – learning principles from nature and applying to design
  • Reforming the banking system to support the real economy  (people and planet)
  • Empowering community-led approaches to sustainability