SAgE Doctoral Training Awards Scheme (2016 Entry)

Applications for 2016 are now closed. The details below are for information only.

The Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering is now inviting applications from outstanding UK/EU and International students for our 2016 Doctoral Training Awards.

We have at least 27 funded Newcastle University PhDs available for 2016 entry. Each award:

  • is worth £18,500 per year
  • will contribute towards PhD tuition fees and living costs (and cover these costs in full for UK/EU students)
  • is available for a maximum of four years
  • has a total value of £74,000

Research Themes

If successful, you will be funded to work alongside other researchers on a PhD research project in one of our 11 strategic research themes.

These themes are:

Join our Newcastle University PhD community

With about 1000 research students within the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering, we have a strong research culture and a thriving research student community. As a DTA scholar, you will share your experiences and your research with our 2014 and 2015 DTA cohorts at dedicated induction and other events. Learn more about our other DTA scholars.

We offer the highest standards of research training, with opportunities for you to develop technical excellence in your chosen discipline as well as personal skills to help enhance your professional effectiveness.

Research training will be provided within your research group and through our Faculty researcher development programme, designed to broaden your awareness of the research landscape and to support your transition from doctoral student to independent researcher.

How to apply

To apply for a DTA award you will need to:

• ‘Create a new account’ on the postgraduate online application system
• Under the ‘Programme of Study’ tab enter the exact name of the academic school you are applying to in the 'Enter subject area or key words’ field (this information is listed next to the project title that you are applying for).
• In the ‘Search Type’ field select ‘Match exactly’
• In the ‘Programme Type’ field select ‘Postgraduate Research’
• In the ‘Qualification Type’ field select ‘PhD – Doctor of Philosophy’
• In the ‘Academic Year’ field select '2016/17'
• In the ‘Full Time Part Time’ field select ‘All’

A range of PhD options for your prospective school will then be given. Please select the first option, even it does not match your exact PhD project research area.

You will then need to add your project DTA code, ie DTAXXX in the ‘Studentship/Partnership Reference’ field (this information is listed next to the project title that you are applying for). It is this code that identifies the exact project you are applying for and the relevant research area in your prospective school.

You must also attach to your application a current CV, your transcripts, a two page cover letter explaining why we should select you for your chosen project, and details for two referees.

We encourage students to apply for a maximum of TWO projects. Part of the competition is rated on student ‘fit’ to project, therefore it is advised that students focus on the project and area of research where they feel they can make the most impact.

The online portal will only allow one application to a school. If you are applying for TWO projects at the same school then you will need to email the second one directly to with all the relevant information requested and they will forward to the selector.

We particularly encourage applications from women.

Applications for 2016 are now closed.

Questions regarding the scheme should be sent to