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Events & Activities

Events and Activities

We offer a progressive programme of activities for Years 5-13 in schools and colleges nationally.

Year 10 students dancing at University Survival Summer School at Newcastle University.

Throughout each educational stage, we can offer an activity or resource that will complement and add value to any higher education preparation programme. We offer fun, interactive and informative activities, which will:

  • introduce students to university life and the range of subjects available to study
  • allow students to explore different subjects in detail working with current students and academics
  • provide relevant information at key decision-making times to ensure students can make an informed decision about their futures
  • inform students of the kinds of skills they will need to be successful at university
  • improve students' motivation to work harder to reach their educational goals
  • increase students' confidence in their ability to apply to university

Browse our wide range of events and activities and see what we can offer your students.

Teachers' Toolkit

Across such a large institution like Newcastle University, there is a huge variety of eventsactivities and resources that are offered to schools and colleges. Through Teachers’ Toolkit you can view all of these and search on a range of different criteria to find the most relevant for you and your students. Book events directly through the toolkit.