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Book a Visit

Book a Visit

We offer a wide variety of events, activities and visits both on campus and in schools. Find out how to book.

Events on Campus

There is no better way for students to get a feel for Newcastle University than to visit our campus in the heart of the city centre. We organise events for Years 6-13 so your students can do just that.

View our upcoming events or browse our activities brochure to see what we offer throughout the year.

Visits to your school/college

Our team of recent graduates can deliver a huge range of interactive sessions, games and presentations on a variety of different topics. 

Browse our activities brochure to choose which activities would be most relevant for your students. We can tailor any of the sessions we offer or create something new to fit your requirements.

Members of the team will be visiting different regions across the country during our upcoming outreach tours. Whilst we are in the area, we can deliver any of our wide range of activities in your school/college. 

Teachers' Toolkit

Across such a large institution like Newcastle University, there is a huge variety of events, activities and resources that are offered to schools and colleges. Through Teachers’ Toolkit you can view all of these and search on a range of different criteria to find the most relevant for you and your students. Book events directly through the toolkit.