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Discover Medicine

Discover Medicine are a team of current medical students who travel to local schools to deliver workshops with pupils.

Date/Time: Every Wednesday* throughout the year

Venue: Your school

Activities are available for pupils in year 8, 10 & 12:

Year 8

This is an interactive session aiming to show pupils the basics of medicine and the human body. Pupils will learn about how the heart functions and what happens when it goes wrong.

Year 10

This session will introduce pupils to some of the equipment used by doctors for diagnosis. Pupils will have the opportunity to try taking blood pressure and listening to chests through stethoscopes.

Year 12

This session is designed for those particularly interested in applying to study medicine at university. It will cover the application process, the UKCAT, entry requirements and the interview.

All the sessions will be an hour long and are suitable for up to 30 pupils.

Event Dates

*This event is available on Wednesdays throughout the year, depending on staff/resource availability.


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