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City Futures Project

City Futures Project

The Newcastle City Futures project aims to discover the medium to long-term trends likely to impact upon urban development, and to help with collaboration between city leaders and communities.

Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape is leading the Newcastle City Futures project.

The project uses a range of new methods supported by academic evidence. It aims to shape conversations between city leaders and communities and create a comprehensive view of the medium-to long-term trends likely to impact urban development.

Subjects under discussion include:

  • identifying new economic sectors
  • the health needs of an elderly population
  • investment in public transport (including switching to electric vehicles and more cycling)
  • education opportunities 
  • threats from extreme weather events

There are plans to create a free public-facing urban studies research database where academics will collate their knowledge on the local area to act as a resource for both residents and policymakers.

Cities including San Francisco, Sydney and Shanghai are now collaborating with Newcastle to help manage future change.

Tyne Bridge and Millennium Bridge

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