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What makes a city smart?

What Makes a City Smart?

The first event in our Urban Sustainability Talk Series.

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Date: 18 February 2016
Time: 19:00 - 20:30
Venue: The Core, Bath Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5TF

Digital technology is transforming our cities and the ways we interact with them. Through the ‘internet of things’, computing technology is becoming more important to our physical lives. It presents new opportunities for making cities more sustainable, increasing the quality of life for residents.

Through the talks at this event you will learn about what makes a city 'smart' and the role of innovation in urban sustainability. You’ll also learn about urban sustainability’s potential to enhance and grow opportunities for:

  • small to medium businesses
  • industry
  • services in the public sector

The event is in collaboration with the Federation of Small Businesses with support from the North East Chamber of Commerce.

There will be a food and drinks reception after the event.

Event programme

Cyber in the City: Bridging the digital with the physical (talk 1)

Professor John Fitzgerald, School of Computing Science explains that businesses are reliant on computers and how we use them is essential to making cities sustainable.

Improving life in the city with urban sensing (talk 2)

Dr Phil James, School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences and Urban Observatory, Science Central

One of the largest urban sensing networks in the UK is operated by Newcastle University’s Urban Observatory in the city of Newcastle. Urban sensors are becoming the eyes and ears of cities enabling new ways to tackle a range of challenges such as:

  • improving air quality
  • integrating transport
  • preparing for climate change

In this talk Dr Phil James, an expert in GIS and the internet of things, will explain how the city of Newcastle is leading in urban sensing. He will explore some of the benefits it provides to local authorities, companies and communities.

Visualising data for making decisions (talk 3)

Steve Caughey, CEO of Arjuna Technologies and Technical Advisor for the Cloud Innovation Centre, Science Central

'Big data' has the potential to revolutionise how governments and businesses provide services. But how do you visualise large amounts of data in an intelligible way to help you make decisions?

In this talk Steve Caughey will introduce the Decision Theatre at Science Central. He will show how real-time data collected throughout the city can be analysed and explored.