Windsor Terrace accommodation

You will live in self-catered flats at Windsor Terrace or Marris House, which is a short walk from the main campus. Flats are shared by six students and have a central communal lounge/kitchen and shower/toilet. Internet connection is available in all bedrooms and there is on-site laundry.

Weekly rent is £115.50 and the contract period will begin on Friday 3 July, Saturday 4 or Sunday 5 July (depending on which accommodation you choose), and you will be expected to depart by 10am on Sunday 2 August.

The reception for your accommodation will be open on your arrival weekend for 24 hours a day from Friday 4 July 2015 at 5pm to Monday 6 July 2015 at midnight. This will allow you time to settle into the accommodation prior to your programme commencing on Monday 6 July. Bedding and towels will be provided at an additional cost of £25.00 and both will be laundered on a weekly basis; cleaning of both the communal areas and your study-bedroom will be undertaken every week by Accommodation and Hospitality staff.

Marris House accommodationYou will be sent information on your accommodation prior to your arrival in Newcastle, including total accommodation charges and information on how you can pay. You will be required to pay on-line prior to arrival - the offer/contract will provide further details. The rent includes additional costs to cover the cleaning/laundering of your bedroom and bedding/towels. This is not included as standard in University accommodation, so the weekly rate differs from any promotional literature you may see for UK-based students who do not receive this level of service.

Please ensure you keep your valuables locked when you are out of your room as staff can go into your room anytime to provide a cleaning service.