School Summary: Civil Engineering & Geosciences
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Summary Data & Trends
HESA categories
Key Destination Activity Total %
  Full-time paid work 82 57.3
  Part-time paid work 7 4.9
  Voluntary/unpaid work 1 0.7
  Work and study 7 4.9
  Further study 12 8.4
  Assumed to be unemployed 14 9.8
  Not available for employment 13 9.1
  Other 3 2.1
  Explicit refusal 4 2.8
143 100%

Additional Statistics
  • 89.7% of graduates employed were in 'Graduate' level occupations.
  • 36.1% of graduates in work were employed in the North East.
  • Average salary £23,634 (based on 52 graduates who supplied salary information).

Course Details
Courses DLHE Population DLHE Responses Response Rate
BEng Hon Civil & Struc Eng4375.0%
BEng Hons Civil Engineering44100.0%
BSc Hons Geographic Info Science6583.3%
BSc Hons Surveying & Map Science251976.0%
MEng Hons Civil & Struc Eng464087.0%
MEng Hons Civil Engineering252080.0%
MSc Eng Geology w Consult Skills (FT)6466.7%
MSc Engineering Geology (FT)5360.0%
MSc Environmental Engineering (FT)8787.5%
MSc Environmental Engineering (PT)200.0%
MSc Envtl Biogeochem (FT)55100.0%
MSc Envtl Biogeochem w Consult Skill FT55100.0%
MSc Geotech Eng w Consult Skills (FT)3266.7%
MSc Geotechnical Engineering (FT)100.0%
MSc Geotechnical Engineering (PT)100.0%
MSc Hydroinformatics (FT)11100.0%
MSc Petroleum Geochem (FT)5480.0%
MSc Scientific Enterprise (FT)100.0%
MSc St Eng & Const Mgmt (FT)8562.5%
MSc St Eng & Const Mgmt (PT)2150.0%
MSc Structural Engineering (FT)11100.0%
MSc Sustnble Mgmt of Water Env (FT)5480.0%
MSc Transp Plan & Policy (FT)3266.7%
MSc Transport & Bus Mgmt (PT)11100.0%
MSc Transport Eng & Operations (FT)3133.3%
PgD Struct Engineering (FT)100.0%
PhD CIVG (Comb)100.0%
PhD CIVG (FT)7685.7%