School of Medical Education

Staff Profile

Dr Bryan Burford

Lecturer in Medical Education


I joined Newcastle University in 2013, and have over 10 years experience in medical education research.

My primary role is to develop and deliver a range of internal and externally funded research projects as part of a programme of work developed with Dr Gill Vance (see 'Research' tab for more details).

As well as research, I contribute to the Diploma and Masters in Clinical Education, supervise/co-supervise undergraduate SSCs with a medical education research component, and supervise MClinEd, MD and PhD students. I also provide support to other members of the school in the development of medical education research activity.


My research interests focus on the transitions which take place through medical education: becoming a medical student; progressing through the MBBS programme, and qualification and beginning work in the Foundation Programme.

Questions arising from this reflect two areas:

  1. How do people become doctors? (Questions of subjective experience of these transitions, professional identity development and socialisation).
  2. How can education make that transition easier and safer? (Questions of process and curriculum issues, including widening participation to medical education, the role of simulation and technology enhanced learning).