photographSchool of Modern Languages Centenary

Four conferences, a multi-lingual theatre performance and much more

Location: Old Library Building, Research Beehive
Time/Date: 24th March 2011 - 26th March 2011, 17:30 - 20:00

In 2010-2011 the School of Modern Languages celebrates its Centenary year. The highpoint falls on Friday, 25 March, with the Centenary Conference 'Transmissions'. This is a teaching free day for all. Staff and students unite for the opening by Kate Adie on 24 February, the Centenary Conference 'Transmissions', Student Performances and the Modern Languages Ball. This is followed on 27 May by a Language Teaching Conference, on 14/15 July by a Conference on Second Language Acquisition "Younger=Better?" and on 12 September by a T&I Conference on Meta-Text.

1. A public lecture by Kate Adie, on Thurs 24 March

It is very appropriate that Kate, as a native of Sunderland and a Newcastle Modern Languages graduate should take on the role of opening the Centenary festivities. In the course of her distinguished career Kate Adie has reported on many political conflicts around the world, as the events unfolded. We look forward to hearing her speak about her experiences with the importance of languages.
New: The Curtis Auditorium is fully booked but there will be video-link to an adjacent room. Places given out on a first come - first serve basis. So be there early!

2. The Centenary Conference "Transmissions", on Fri 25 March 

The Conference on Friday 25th March (9 am – 6 pm) will be opened by a 2nd plenary key note lecture by Professor Charles Forsdick (University of Liverpool) on Transmitting Languages: Disciplinary Identity and Public Understanding. Friday 25th March is a designated non-teaching day in SML, and all staff and students are cordially invited to attend the Conference. The aim of the Conference will be to showcase the School’s research activities and profile, giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our identity as an integrated academic unit with many intellectual interests in common, that crosscut the diversity of our subject areas. To reserve your place, please pre-register via the registration form.

3. "Folklore from around the world" - a multi-lingual student Theatrical Production, on Fri 25 March

Sarah Kemp, Artistic Director at "Theatre Sans Frontieres", has directed a multi-lingual theatre project with SML-students, based on fairy tales from around the world - join them for an exciting peripatetic performance on the evening of the Centenary Conference!

4. The Modern Languages Ball 'Secret Garden', on Sat 26 March 

Dance away the night in the Assembly Rooms with Pimms, a four-course menu and great entertainment. This event is now fully booked!

5. Innovative Teaching and Learning at University Conference, on Friday 27th May 2011.

To celebrate 100 years of language teaching in Newcastle, the School of Modern Languages is organising an exciting conference on enhancing the learning experience of Modern Languages students. 

6. "The Younger = The Better?", on 14/15 July 2011

This conference is the culmination of a 2-year project on the role played by age in the early classroom learning of French.The project has investigated linguistic development and attitudes in beginners aged 5, 7 and 11 following a similar curriculum taught by the same teacher. Deadline for poster submission is 1st May 2011, for registration 1st July 2011.

7. Translating and Interpreting Conference, on 8-9 September 2011.

Call for papers ends 31 March!

For the Text, Extra-text, Meta-text, and Para-text in Translation and Interpreting we invite papers on the implications of the texts (including graphics) which surround and support translations and interpreting. We welcome contrastive, comparative, analytical and critical studies of any aspect of text, extra-text, meta-text, and para-text attached to or applied to translation and interpreting.  This includes preface, foreword, epilogue, postscript, footnotes, endnotes, bio-notes, internal and external illustration, blurb, review, and publicity, layout, book jackets, and illustrations which accompany and affect translation or interpreting.

Published: 13th February 2011