photographGerman Medieval Studies in the UK

A Workshop Day

Location: Old Library Building
Time/Date: 29th October 2011, 09:00 - 17:00

The Workshop will bring together all German Medievalists from throughout the UK to discuss current research projects and found the first UK-wide network.
Confirmed Attendants:
Dr Elizabeth Andersen (Newcastle); Dr Jeff Ashcroft (St. Andrews); Dr Bettina Bildhauer (St. Andrews); Dr Sarah Bowden (Oxford); Miriam Buncombe (St. Andrews); Dr Mark Chinca (Cambridge); Dr Nigel Harris (Birmingham); Dr Racha Kirakosian (Oxford); Prof. Henrike Lähnemann (Newcastle); Dr Claudia Lingscheid (Oxford); Dr Alistair Matthews (Oxford); Dr Nicola McLelland (Nottingham); Dr Peter Macardle (Durham); Dr Stephen Mossman (Manchester); Dr James Page (St. Andrews); Prof. Nigel Palmer (Oxford); Prof. Silvia Ranawake (London); Dr Sabine Rolle (Edinburgh); Dr Anne Simon (Bristol); Dr Monika Studer (Oxford); Dr Almut Suerbaum (Oxford); Dr Friederike Wolpert (Edinburgh); Prof. Annette Volfing (Oxford)

Published: 27th September 2011