photographFree Film Series at the Stand Comedy Club

Part of the Vamos festival

Location: The Stand Comedy Club
Time/Date: 12th June 2012 - 11th July 2012

Do not miss a special series of free films that will be showing at The Stand Comedy Club  throughout the Vamos festival!

12/06/2012: Los Tarantos*

Director Francisco Rovira-Beleta, 1963, 112 mins, Spain

A story of two young Barcelonians, son and daughter of rival gypsy families, who fall in love but are forbidden to marry by the father of the girl. It features some of the biggest names in Flamenco - including Carmen Amaya, Sara Lezana, Antonio Gades and Daniel Martín.

* Please note this film does not have English subtitles, but a big part of it is music with amazing flamenco dancing and singing.

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19/06/2012: Chico y Rita

Directors Trueba/Mariscal/Errando, 2010, 94 mins, Spain

Jim Morrissey from Newcastle University introduces the comeback of Chico y Rita! Set in Havana, Paris and New York this animated film is a treat for lovers of Jazz Latino and Hollywood films from the 40s and 50s.

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26/06/2012: El Milagro de Candeal

Director Fernando Trueba, 2004, 133 mins, Spain

"The Miracle" is the unique Brazilian favela of Candeal, where the young residents gave up their guns for musical instruments under the influence of rocker Carlinhos Brown. After spending 43 years in exile in Sweden, 85-year-old Cuban-born pianist Bebo Valdés makes his first trip to Salvador da Bahia. He stumbles onto musician Mateus leading a church choir, and Mateus takes him to Candeal to introduce him to Brown. It is Brown that shows Valdés improvements that have been made to the slum, which used to be without water, plumbing or electricity. Today, there are music schools and a state-of-the-art recording studio used by Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil. There is a Bob Marley Street and impressive percussion bands composed of young kids and teenagers. Amazingly, the violence endemic in the favelas is practically nil.


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03/07/2012: La Teta Asustada (Milk of Sorrow)

Director Claudia Llosa, 2009, 95 mins, Spain/Peru

Introduced by Dr. Yarí Pérez Marín from Durham university, this film is about Fausta, a young woman affected by an illness passed from mother to child by Peruvian women who were raped or abused during those two terrible decades of crude violence.

While those days are long gone, Fausta stands as a living reminder of the horror that once plagued her country, her malady a deep-rooted fear that stripped the young innocent of her soul.

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10/07/2012: Yo soy la Juani (My Name is Juani)

Director Bigas Luna, 2006, 100 mins, Spain

Ian Biddle from Music in Newcastle University will introduce My name is Juani (2006) by controversial film director Bigas Luna. It  tells the story of an urban girl with big dreams and aspirations, eager to leave behind her troubled family, her abusive boyfriend and the poverty of her village to find a better life in Madrid. A taste of the harsh reality in the big city makes her reconsider her dreams and reflect on her expectations. 

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Series  Supported by Filmoteca del Departamento de Cooperación y Promoción Cultural Exterior de España



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Published: 14th June 2012