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thumbnail Blog to boost interpreting skills launched

i4life is a space for students of stage-1 MA T&I, Newcastle University, to develop their interpreting skills as well as non-linguistic skill sets. Take a look and see for yourself how a blog can boost interpreting skills!

published on: 27th September 2014

thumbnail Programme online: Ethnic Conflict in Xinjiang, China

How far is insecurity the product of increased securitisation? This strategic workshop, organised by Dr Joanne Smith Finley brings together UK experts on Xinjiang Studies to discuss worsening ethnic conflict in Xinjiang and China proper, and to consider how far the increased violence may be related to increased state securitisation.

published on: 22nd September 2014

thumbnail Second edition of Spanish@Newcastle online

The first edition of Spanish@Newcastle, has been published with news from the section, including reports on Catalan und Quechua. It has been edited by Patricia Oliart and Felix Lossio. Read it online

published on: 21st September 2014

thumbnail Report: 2nd Language Learning and Teaching Workshop

On 15th September 2014, the second Newcastle University/Durham University’s Workshop in Language Learning and Teaching “Sharing Good Practice” took place with a focus on the role of translation in Modern Language Teaching. Co-organised by Dr JC Penet (Newcastle) and Mrs Christine Bohlander (Durham), the Workshop brought together experts in Language Learning and Teaching from both institutions.

published on: 20th September 2014

thumbnail Report: British Association for Chinese Studies Conference

The School of Modern Languages and the Confucius Institute at Newcastle University organised the Annual Conference of the British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) at Newcastle University from 3 to 5 September, 2014. Read on for the report by Dr Joanne Smith Finley...

published on: 12th September 2014

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