Marguerite Duras: écriture, écritures (2007)

Editor(s): El Maizi M, Stimpson B

    Abstract: This volume consists in a selection of papers presented at the International conference ‘Marguerite Duras: l’écriture dans tous ses états’ held at the University of Newcastle in September 2004. It explores various approaches to the writing practices of Duras, including her cinematographical and theatrical works, with chapters focusing on the genetic analysis of her manuscripts, the study of intertextuality and paratextuality, the question of the voice, the relation between the acts of writing/reading and the relation between body and creation.

      • Volume: 2
      • Publisher: Minard/Lettres Modernes
      • Publication type: Edited book
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Dr Myriem El Maizi
        Lecturer in French