Contemporary French Cinema (2008)

Author(s): Austin G

    Abstract: Contemporary French cinema is an essential introduction to popular French film of the last 35 years. It charts recent developments in all genres of French cinema with analyses of over 120 movies, from Les Valseuses to Caché. Reflecting the diversity of French film production since the New Wave, this clear and perceptive study includes chapters on the heritage film, the thriller and the war movie, alongside the 'cinéma du look', representations of sexuality, comedies, the work of women film makers and le jeune cinéma. Each chapter introduces the public reception and critical debates surrounding a given genre, interwoven with detailed accounts of relevant films. Confirmed as a major contribution to both Film Studies and French Studies, this book is a fascinating volume for students and fans of French film alike. Contents:Introduction: histoire/s du cinema2. Documentary, History, Nationality since 1968.3. Representations of Sexuality.4. Women’s Cinema.5. The polar: France and Hollywood.6. Cinema du look: la nouvelle nouvelle vague.7. Conclusion: France and Hollywood.Glossary, Filmography and Bibliography.

      • Number of Pages: 250
      • Publisher: Manchester University Press
      • Publication type: Authored book
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Professor Guy Austin
      Professor of French Studies