In a Balkan Light: Richard Berengarten and the South Slav cultural space (2010)

Author(s): Jones FR

    Abstract: Richard Berengarten describes himself as "a European poet who writes in English". It is to Southern Europe, and especially the Balkans, that his links are closest. Berengarten’s longest stay in the Balkans was in the late 1980s, in the last years of the country then known as Yugoslavia. And more recently his relationship with that country, or with what would now more accurately be called the "South Slav cultural space", has come to the fore in his poetic writing. It is this Yugoslav period, and its poetic outcomes, that I discuss here.

      • Book Title: The Salt Companion to Richard Berengarten
      • Publisher: Salt
      • Publication type: Book chapter
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Keywords: poetry;Yugoslavia; Serbia;Berengarten


        Dr Francis Jones
        Reader in Translation Studies