'Papel de viento': procesos semioticos en el discurso literario andino (2003)

Author(s): Howard R

  • : Papel de viento

Abstract: The article interrogates the relationship between literacy and orality in the Quechua narrative tradition, with reference to the tradition of cultural heterogeneity in writing in Peruvian literature. It compares modes of production and reception of literary creativity (a) in predominantly Spanish language literacy and (b) in Quechua oral narrative performance; and explores the interface between these media.

  • Short Title: Papel de viento
  • Book Title: Heterogeneidad y literatura en el Peru
  • Pages: 127-155
  • Publisher: Centro de Estudios Literarios Antonio Cornejo Polar
  • Publication type: Book chapter
  • Bibliographic status: Published

Keywords: cultural heterogeneity; Peru; orality; literacy; Quechua; Quechua writing


Professor Rosaleen Howard
Chair of Hispanic Studies