Sixt Birck (2011)

Author(s): Laehnemann H

    Abstract: Sixt Birck was a seminal author of the reformation, writing German and Latin plays, translating the first reports about America for the emperor and producing a wealth of scholarly editions of Greek and Latin works. This article is the first one to give a bibliographic survey of his work. The Dictionary of Authors ‘The Early Modern Era in Germany 1520-1620’ covers this extraordinarily colorful literary landscape between the Reformation and the Thirty Years’ War in a very reliable and representative way. With more than 500 articles and several indices it not only brings together scattered pieces of specialized research, but often enough investigates this complex literary heritage, presenting the findings here for the first time.

      • Book Title: VL16: Frühe Neuzeit in Deutschland 1520-1620. Literaturwissenschaftliches Verfasserlexikon
      • Volume: 1: Aal, Johannes – Castellio
      • Pages: 268-275
      • Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
      • Publication type: Book chapter
      • Bibliographic status: Published