How Do We Assess Students in the Interpreting Examinations? (2013)

Author(s): Wu S

    Abstract: The field of assessment in interpreter training is under-researched, though trainers and researchers have pointed out urgent issues to be addressed in this field. Among them, issues surrounding test validity and reliability are most in need of clarification. This study tackles this subject by exploring what examiners really pay attention to when assessing student interpreters, and verifies the concerns about judgement consistency in interpreting examinations. Based on the study findings, a conceptual model is proposed as a framework for further explorations into the relationships and interactions between the elements of interpreting assessment.

      • Book Title: Assessment Issues in Language Translation and Interpreting
      • Volume: 29
      • Pages: 15-33
      • Publisher: Peter Lang GmbH
      • Publication type: Book chapter
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Keywords: simultaneous interpreting, assessment criteria, examiner behaviour, test reliability


        Dr Fred Wu
        Senior Lecturer in Translating & Interpreting