La escuela rural: Modalidades y prioridades de intervención (2001)

Author(s): Montero C, Oliart P, Ames P, Uccelli F

    Abstract: This research report presents the results of a nation-wide study on rural schools in Peru. It considers a

    Notes: This represents my most important achievement as a researcher. In 1998 the European Union offered the Peruvian government a 120 million dollar loan to invest on the improvement of rural education, but it was conditioned to the presentation of a clear plan and priorities to be discussed. The World Bank offered to fund the research needed to produce such plan and organized a bid for the study. This included a nationwide survey of rural teachers, ethnographic research in schools from the Coast, the highlands and the Amazonia, and a series of meetings with national and international experts. I was in charge of the research design, and fieldwork coordination for the team who won the bid. I also participated directly in the design of the consultancies with experts and the nationwide questionarie for which we hired a survey agency. This document has served as a basis for the state intervention in rural schools and has been deeply appreciated by several donors interested in rural education in Peru (including DIFID) as well as the wider national community. The Ministry of education has published it and also is available online as a request of the World Bank team.

      • Number of Pages: 226
      • Publisher: UMC-Ministry of Education
      • Publication type: Authored book
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Keywords: Rural education-Peru.


        Dr Patricia Oliart
        Lecturer in Latin American Studies