"On peut aussi ne pas écrire, oublier une mouche": Genèse de Aurélia Steiner (Paris) de Marguerite Duras (2007)

Author(s): El Maizi, M

    Abstract: This article is one of three chapters devoted to a genetic analysis of Marguerite Duras’ writings, in a comprehensive volume that explores the various directions in Duras’s writing practices. This article consists in a genetic study of Aurélia Steiner (Paris), and explores the unfolding of the creative process through the analysis of the three manuscripts of the published text. It shows how the emergence of the writing is characterised by a movement of continuity – an urge to bear witness to the agony of a dying fly, and by extension to the horrors of the Holocaust – and a discontinuity – that of a writing or ‘écriture’ which composes and recomposes itself in a space that constantly oscillates between memory and fiction.

      • Book Title: Marguerite Duras 2: écriture, écritures
      • Pages: 77-91
      • Publisher: Lettres Modernes
      • Publication type: Book chapter
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Dr Myriem El Maizi
        Lecturer in French