German Research Seminar Programme 2001-2002

Seminars take place on Thursdays at 4.00 p.m. in Room 6.2, Old Library Building unless otherwise stated. All welcome (including undergraduate students).




1 November

Stephen Parker (Manchester)

The journal Sinn und Form in the GDR: An idea and its realisation

15 November

Tony Waine (Lancaster)

From 'Volk' to 'Pop': the widening horizons of German culture

29 November

David Midgeley (Cambridge)

The mythology of a city: Berlin 1871-1933

13 December

Allan Turner (Newcastle)

(Re-)translator Beware! -- Der Herr der Ringe fights back

14 February

Arachne van der Eijk (Newcastle)

Linguistic and Psychological Structures in Thomas Bernhard's Novel Korrektur

28 February

Stephan Elspaß (Münster)

Über die Schriftsprache 'kleiner Leute' im 19. Jahrhundert

March 14

Monika Pruetzel-Thomas (Northumbria)

German domestic security policy: new enemies - old mistakes

March 21

Stefan Busch (Oxford)

Blasphemy and Melancholy - Three Case Studies (Lessing, Minna von Barnhelm; Moritz, Anton Reiser; Büchner, Lenz)

May 2

Jim Jordan (Nottingham Trent)

From two worlds to many: shifting paradigms in diasporic literature in Germany.