Dr Beate Muller
Reader in Modern German Studies


Dr Beate Müller is Reader in Modern German Studies. She teaches and researches on modern German literature. Areas of expertise include parody, censorship, modernism, postmodernism, GDR literature (esp. Jurek Becker) and narrative representations of the Holocaust.

Office Hours (in semester 2): Thursdays, 10-12 and 1-2.

Roles and Responsibilities

Head of German

SML Impact Coordinator

DPD for TN92

PDR Reviewer and Research Mentor;

Member of SML's UG Board of Studies and STLC;

Member of SML's Research Committee

Personal Tutor;


first degree from Bochum University, Germany (1988);
MA from Bochum University (1989);
PhD from Bochum University (1993)

Previous Positions

Research Assistant in English Dpt of Bochum University (1988-92);
DAAD Lektorin for German at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge (1992-95);
Assistant Professor at Flensburg University, Germany (1995-97)


MHRA; WIGS; Deutscher Germanistenverband; AGS

Honours and Awards

prize for PhD thesis from Bochum University


German, English, French, Latin, modern Hebrew

Teaching (UG)

SML1018 - Introduction to Literature

GER2011 - M for Murder

GER4014 - German Representations of the Holocaust

GER4061 - German General Language 

Research Supervision

I'm happy to supervise research students on modern German literature and on Holocaust-related topics. I'm currently supervising a PhD project on filmic representations of the Holocaust in German, Israeli, and Hollywood cinemas since 1990, as well as a PhD thesis on the use of photos in Holocaust exhibitions. 


Details of my work on Academia Edu

Research Interests

Dr Müller's research interests lie in censorship studies; GDR literature (esp. Jurek Becker); narrative representations of the Holocaust (in fictional and non-fictional texts); the role of child figures in Holocaust narratives; parody; modernism (Kafka; Thomas Mann); as well as postmodernism and contemporary literature

Other Expertise

literary theory and comparative literature, cultural history

Current Work

  • Children in German War (Con)-Texts 1945-49. [Special edition for German Life and Letters, featuring a critical introduction entitled "Cradle and Crucible of 'Vergangenheitsbewältigung': Representations of the War-Child in the Occupational Period" written by myself, Debbie Pinfold, and Ute Wölfel, as well as my article on "'Der Mann, den ich vergötterte, hat uns ins Unglück geführt': The Postwar Crisis of Consciousness as Mirrored in Essays and Questionnaires by Nuremberg's School Children in 1946"; volume to appear in 2016]

  • (with Boaz Cohen): "Child Holocaust Testimonies from the Classroom: A Teacher’s Collection from Early Postwar Polish Bytom" [Annotated English translation and edition of unpublished, Yiddish child Holocaust testimonies from 1945, accepted for publication by Journal of East European Affairs
  • "'Es war nicht richtig, daß Hitler die Juden ausstieß': Judenverfolgung im Spiegel Nürnberger Schüleraufsätze von 1946" [=8,000 word article commissioned for edited volume on Kindheiten im Zweiten Weltkrieg, to be submitted by 1 February 2016)

  • (Re-)Constructing Communities in Holocaust Fiction from England, Germany, and Israel. [new monograph project]

Research Roles

Impact Coordinator in SML

Research Mentor in SML

Member of SML Research Committee

Postgraduate Supervision

I'm happy to supervise research students on modern German literature, censorship, and on Holocaust-related topics. I'm currently supervising a PhD project on filmic representations of the Holocaust in German, Israeli, and Hollywood cinemas since 1990, as well as a PhD thesis on the use of photos in Holocaust exhibitions.

Esteem Indicators

monograph on parody (1994) reviewed in important journals;

invitation to give a public lecture on Jurek Becker at the Berlin Academy of Arts (April 2003);

invitation to give a keynote address at the conference on "Re)ecritures: parodie et pastiche" (Durham, March 2005);

invitation to deliver public lecture at IGRS in November 2006;

promotion to a personal readership in 2007;

member of AHRC Peer Review College (2007-10);

member of AHRC Peer Review Panel D (2009);

reader for Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Australia), Camden House, and Critical, Cultural and Communications Press;

radio feature interview for programme on parodies of academic writing for Deutschlandradio Kultur, Sept. 2009;

visiting scholar at Haifa's Bucerius Institute (Dec. 2009/Jan. 2010);

public lecture: "Of Wolves and Lambs: The Holocaust in East and West German Literature" (Bucerius Institute, Haifa University, 29 December 2009)

podcast for German website of Yad Vashem, Israel's leading research institution on the Holocaust (2013);

interview for BBC 4 TV documentary on metamorphosis ( broadcast in March 2013) 

repeated invitations to speak publicly about my research in the context of Newcastle City Council's activities for Holocaust Remembrance Day (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016)


awards from the British Academy and from internal Newcastle sources to support conference on censorship held at Newcastle in 2000; see http://www.ncl.ac.uk/censorship.conference/

AHRB Research Leave Award to support my monograph on Jurek Becker (2001/02)

British Academy Small Grant Award to support archival research on child Holocaust narratives in Yad Vashem (Jerusalem) and the Wiener Library (London)

HaSS Faculty REF Fund Award to support editorial book project on Shlomo Czam's collection of Yiddish chld Holocaust testimonies (2011) 

British Academy / Leverhulme Small Grant Award for a project on "Children in German War (Con)-Texts 1945-1949" (with Dr Debbie Pinfold, Bristol, and Dr Ute Wölfel, Reading, 2014-2016)

Fellowship from EHRI, the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure, for a project on "Fine Young Democrats? German Youth in OMGUS Surveys, 1945-49" (awarded in January 2016, for a research trip to the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich)

curator of exhibitions on "Child Holocaust Testimonies" and "Children under Hitler", displayed in Newcastle's City Library in the autumn of 2015 and in the context of Newcastle City Council's Holocaust Memorial Day programme (January 2016).

Undergraduate Teaching

SML1018 - Introduction to Literature;
GER2011 - M for Murder
GER4014 - German Representations of the Holocaust
GER4061 - German General Languag

Postgraduate Teaching

Mlitt and PhD supervisions:

  • Gary Jenkins (PhD): Mediation in Repression and Remembrance. Post-Holocaust Generation Cinema and the Construction of Collective Memory
  • Elise Bath (Mlitt): Female Victims of the Holocaust (2013-14)
  • Elise Bath (PhD): The Use of Photographs in Holocaust Exhibitions

School Research training programme:

  • speaking to different audiences

Faculty Research Training Programme:

  • Intertextuality