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Dr Jade Du

Lecturer in Translation and Interpreting



Prior to joining Newcastle University, I have taught interpreting for years and worked as a part-time interpreter in various legal and business settings. With educational background in both language and law, I am particular interested in the interface between linguistics and law, with current research focusing on interpreting, multilingualism and legal justice.

Qualifications and Professional recognition

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Ph.D. Language and law (specialised in court interpreting) The University of Hong Kong


Banco Santander Funding for the Advanced Research Residency, Cardiff University, 2015

Postgraduate Scholarship, The University of Hong Kong, 2012-2016

Visiting Scholar, University of Queensland, Australia, 2011



Cantonese, Mandarin, Hakka, English, Japanese


Research interests

Interpreting studies in various settings (including but not limited to legal and healthcare interpreting), legal translation, language and law (forensic linguistics), sociolinguistics, IP law, linguistic ethnography, discourse analysis, language ideologies, multilingualism, corpus linguistics

Research webpage:



IAFL (International Association of Forensic Linguists)

CIOL (Chartered Institute of Linguists)

BAAL (British Association for Applied Linguistics)

GSFL (Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics)


2017  ULTSEC Innovation Fund for "Video Enhanced Observation with Reflective Learning in Interpreter Training"(with Andrew Grenfell) £2,425


Recent Conference presentations

Du, Jade B.Y.  (2017).   English as a lingua franca in the courtroom: The issue of mutual understanding in interpreter-defendant communication. The British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) Conference. Leeds: 31 August-2 September, 2017.

Du, B. (2017). When English is used as a lingua franca: Communication challenges in court interpreting. Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics Roundtable. Copenhagen: 24-27 August, 2017.

Du, B.Y. Jade. (2017).  The participation status of defendants in interpreter-mediated courtroom interaction. The 13th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Forensic Linguists (IAFL). Porto: 10-14 July, 2017.

DU, B.Y. Jade. (2017). Participation in the bilingual trial: case studies of English-speaking defendants in Chinese courts. Northeast Language and Linguistics Research Away Day. Newcastle: 22 May, 2017.

DU, B.Y. Jade. (2016). African English speakers in Chinese criminal courts: The issue of mutual understanding in communication with interpreters. INCOLAS/HKU Sociolinguistics Seminar. Copenhagen: 8-10 August, 2016.

DU, B.Y. Jade (2016). Participation in the bilingual trial: African migrants in Chinese criminal courts. The Annual Conference of American Association of Applied Linguistics. Orlando: 9-12 April, 2016.

DU, B.Y. Jade (2016). The bilingual trial: Access to interpreting, communication, and participation in Chinese courts. Seminar Talk at School of English, The University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong: 17, March, 2016.

DU, B.Y. Jade. (2015).  Interpreting in Chinese criminal courts: what is the scope of expertise and who can be the experts? Symposium: Expertise in Language and Law. Cardiff: 27 November, 2015.

DU, B.Y. Jade. (2015). Confession on television: mediatization of legal process in China. Sociolinguistics: today and tomorrow. Hong Kong: 2-3 October, 2015.

DU, B.Y. Jade. (2015). Space, signs and symbolic power in Chinese criminal courtrooms. Paper presented at the 12th Biennial Conference on Forensic Linguistics. Guangzhou: 6-9 June, 2015.

DU, B.Y. Jade. (2015). Nigerians in Chinese criminal courts: The legal – lay encounter in the periphery. Paper presented at the International Conference of The Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centring and (de)standardization (SLXG2015). Hong Kong: 3-6 June, 2015.

DU, B.Y. Jade. (2015). Doing ethnographic work in Chinese criminal courts: A researcher’s dilemma. Doing Research Integrity across the Arts and Humanities: a one-day workshop, with Professor Monica Heller. Hong Kong: 22 April, 2015.

DU, B.Y. Jade. (2015). Interpreter-mediated legal-lay communication in the era of globalization: Nigerians in Chinese criminal courts. Paper presented at the International Colloquium on Multilingualism and Interpreting in Settings of Globalization: Asylum and Migration. Ghent: 19-20 February, 2015.




CHN8034 Public service interpreting

CHN8024 Consecutive interpreting II

SML8023 Profession, Processes and Society in Translating and Interpreting

MA dissertation/project supervision