School of Modern Languages

Staff Profiles

Cinzia Monti

Doctoral student in Iberian and Latin American Studies


Prof. Rosaleen Howard and Dr. Damien Hall and Dr. Cathrine Degnen

Trauma and memory in the shaping of language ideology: a sociophonetic study of Chachapoyas Quechua (Peru)

This project will examine the speech and the language ideologies of the remaining speakers and semi-speakers of the Chachapoyas variety of Quechua in the Northern Andes, department of Amazonas, Peru. Due to the advanced age of the last semi-speakers and the very small number of competent speakers, this dialect is in the final stage of its life cycle.

This study will provide a sociolinguistic and phonetic description of the Chachapoyas Quechua dialect. Moreover, this research will investigate how a dominant language can phonetically influence a minority language and how this process of influence primarily depends on social perceptions of the minority language. The focus of this study will be the shaping of language ideology and identity.

It will examine the speaker’s and semi-speaker’s memories connected to this endangered Quechua dialect and their perception of the language death, that — in this case — coincides with the progressive disappearance of the last speakers.

Research Interests

Quechua; linguistic anthropology; language shift; language ideology; sociophonetics; anthropology of death.

Academic Background

MA in Italian Studies, European Literary Cultures, Linguistics, University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy).
BA in Anthropological Sciences, University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy).