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Dr Patricia Oliart

Lecturer in Latin American Studies



Lecturer and Head of  Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies. I graduated in Sociology at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. My Masters degree is in Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, and I hold a PhD in Human Geography at Newcastle University.

Since 2009 I am co-director of the ¡Vamos! Festival in the North East of England.  




Research Interests

Before coming to Newcastle I  worked as a lecturer, consultant and researcher on issues related to gender, ethnicity, cultural change, and education in urban and rural areas in the Andes and Amazonia.

Other Expertise

Past and current research interests also include racist and anti-racist discourses in state building processes in Post colonial Latin America, the formation and practices of local intellectuals and the development of political discourses and subjectivities within social and cultural movements in Peru, contemporary cultural life among rural Andean migrants in Latin American and European cities, (language, music, landscape changes and migrations). Arts and politics in contemporary Latin America. My current research aims to integrate the analysis of cultural production (mainly music and photography) with social change, performance studies and youth studies.  I am interested in the reactions in music and the visual arts to transformations brought to Latin America in the context of the neoliberal reforms.   

Postgraduate co-supervisor:

Sarah Bennison, AHRC funded PhD in Iberian and Latin American Studies, working on water rituals in the Peruvian Highlands 

Sarah Duggan AHRC funded in Iberian and Latin American Studies, on cultural change in the Chapada Diamantina, Bahia going from a mining area to a natural reserve.

Natalie Hoskin, DTC- ESRC funded in Sociology and Iberian and Latin American Studies, on teenage sexuality and sex education in North East Brazil. 

Antonia Manresa, DTC- ESRC funded PhD in Iberian and Latin American Studies, working on Indigenous Education in Ecuador.  

Felix Lossio Chavez working on Nation branding tourism campaigns in Peru and Cuba

Stefan Rzedzian DTC-ESRC funded in Geography, on Earth rights rethoric and extractive activities in Ecuador.  

Past students

Jane Carnaffan, ESCR funded PhD in Human Geography: Peru-Land of the Incas? An analysis of Discourses of Development, Culture and Gender in ‘Home stay’ tourism in Peru. 

Penelope Johnson, PhD in Translation Studies: Translation and the image of the other. The English translations of Pablo Neruda's Canto General. 

Ximena Cordoba, AHRC funded PhD in Iberian and Latin American Studies,  on the Oruro Carnival. 

Fernando Gonzáles-Velarde, PhD in Iberian and Latin American Studies,  on tourism, culture, and uses of space in the Northern Coast of Peru.




Undergraduate Teaching

Module leader for

LAS 1010 Introducción a América Latina,  SPA 2025 Representaciones de Revolución, Dictadura y Democracia (team taught), LAS4003 Culturas de la Juventud en España, Portugal y América Latina.

Contributor to: SPA2022 New Cartographies of the Hispanic City,  SPA4005 Cultural Popular en España y América Latina.

Postgraduate Teaching

LAS8005 Research Methods and skills in Latin American Interdisciplinary Studies
Contributor to SOC8101 The Shaping of Latin America I and LAS8103 The Shaping of Latin America II and HIS8034 The Indian Problem.

Awarded  the Vice Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award for the academic year of 2013-2014.