Dr Sabrina Yu
Lecturer in Chinese and Film Studies

Roles and Responsibilities

Head of East Asian Studies

Programme Director of MA Film: Theory and Practice 


PhD in Film Studies, University of Nottingham, UK
MPhil in Cultural Studies, University of Birmingham, UK
MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, Beijing Normal University, China 


Chinese, English

Office Hours

4:10-5:10pm Tuesdays, 2-4pm Thursdays

External Examiner of Chinese Studies programme in the following universities:

 University College Cork, Ireland: 2012-2015

 University of Hull: 2013-2016

 Maynooth University, Ireland: 2014-17

 Bangor University: 2014-2017

Research Interests

      Chinese-language cinema, transnational stardom and performance, action/martial arts genre, city and cinema, representation of gender and sexuality in Chinese media, Chinese independent documentary films, audience/reception studies, cultural studies

    Current Work

    I am currently researching visual representation of the Three Gorges area in feature films, official and independent documentaries and photography. 

    Postgraduate Supervision

    Lydia Dan Wu: Doctoral candidate in Film Studies, working on Chinese independent film festivals.

    Yang Li: Doctoral candidate in Sociology, “Screening Tibet from Three Perspectives: An Exploration of Representations of Tibet in Western, Tibetan, and Han Chinese Films".


    Undergraduate Teaching 

    CHN1005 Introduction to Chinese Culture

    SML1021 Introduction to International Film

    SML2011 Cities in East Asian Cinema: Culture, History and Identity (module leader)

    CHN4009 Gender and Media in Contemporary China (module leader)

    SML 4099 Dissertation (China)
    CHN 4001 Level C Chinese

    Postgraduate Teaching

    FMS8055 Approaches to Film History and Theory

    FMS8355 Stars: Systems, Nations and Theories (module leader)

    FMS8356 Exhibition Cultures: Film Programming and Marketing

    FMS8099 Dissertation (film)